Physical Therapy {and the Truth}

Tuesday marked the official start of Adelaide’s therapy.

Jennifer, our physical therapist, is amazing and passionate and knowledgeable and personable and basically everything you want in a PT. She did an informal assessment of Adelaide’s abilities and spent some time letting Adelaide warm up to her…which took Adelaide all of 55 seconds. Jennifer asked questions, took notes, and explained everything to me. She even explained minor things, sensing that I didn’t want her to sugarcoat anything. I love details. I thrive on information. I was already familiar with most of what we did, since I have some background with pediatric physical therapy in Colorado…but that is another post for another day. This was my very first time as the Mommy. It was my baby receiving the therapy. It was my baby with the labels hypotonia and developmental delay.

While Jennifer was assessing Adelaide’s (lack of) balance, I was trying to balance my thoughts and emotions. There is a lot that goes on in your mind when your child is labeled. I am not anti-label. As a former special education teacher, my position is that labels are necessary. They don’t negate people, they just give us another piece of the puzzle. Adelaide’s labels don’t define her, but they do help us ensure she gets everything she needs. With that said, it is still a tough mommy moment. I was doing surprisingly well. Overjoyed that Adelaide was getting help from a competent professional. I was thankful that my daughter was on the road to getting stronger. On the road to walking with a walker. That’s right! We are pretty sure she will be able to WALK with a walker! Woohoo! But, in that joy, that is when the Enemy swooped in with lies.

“You weren’t good enough to catch her up yourself.”

“She may never catch up.”

“They don’t even know what is wrong with her. You probably did this to her.”

As soon as I recognized that the Enemy was at work, I prayed for Truth. I prayed for focus. God flooded my heart with peace. He replaced the lies with His Truth.

“You can’t do this on your own…you are not a therapist…but Jennifer will teach you what to do. I have already given you tools to help Adelaide. I will help you and give you strength. I am making you both stronger everyday.”

“Adelaide may never catch up, but that doesn’t matter. She is still my daughter. I formed her in your womb. I love her more than you can ever imagine.”

“I know everything about her. That is all that matters.”

So, with a renewed mind and a refreshed spirit, I was able to focus on my baby girl. I was able to enjoy watching a professional at work. To enjoy watching Adelaide smile at her new friend. If you have seen Adelaide smile, then you know it is basically therapy for the recipient…and anyone else around.

The informal assessment gave us some good information and I learned some new things about Adelaide’s disabilities. Next Monday, Jennifer will complete a formal assessment. We will set goals and meet on Mondays and Thursdays. Adelaide and I get to sport yoga pants twice a week! I am not sure where Graham will be twice a week, so prayers would be appreciated in that area. Another prayer request: our insurance covers 30 sessions in a calendar year. It is very likely that Adelaide will have 100 sessions in 2013.

Oh, and I was able to sneak in a photo.

Adelaide in Therapy - Oct. 2012 - Little House in the City

Did God swoop in with His Truth this week? Do you have recommendations on cute yoga pants? Please share in the comments.

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3 thoughts on “Physical Therapy {and the Truth}

  1. Sweta says:

    I love your baby.. such a cute and adorable baby:0)


  2. Meta says:

    i just found your blog post through a wordpress search of “developmental delay”. It made me cry as today we visited our pt (i have a 9 month old daughter) and whereas i hoped we were making progress (10 minutes of tummy time! wow!, prop sitting!), she told me the truth that the gap was just getting wider with the delay and brought up the word “hypotonic”. Your post made me cry (again, today) because all this afternoon I kept on asking God, WHY are you making this SO HARD on us?! What if the gap never closes! We’ve been battling with development ever since 3 months old! I’m thankful for online mommies who can relate because nobody here can. Anyways… looking forward to more posts. Thank you for sharing.


    • lyndseballew says:

      I saw your responses out of order. I apologize. Please keep me updated on her progress. Adelaide turns 11 months old on Monday…it sounds like our girls have some similarities. I would love to keep up with your little girl.
      Hugs from Southwest MO,


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