12 Days of Christmas {Journey of a Shoebox}

November. Can you believe it is already here? November means three things in our house: National Collection Week, Thanksgiving, and Nativities. We love November.

National Collection Week is only 12 DAYS away!

Although I serve with Operation Christmas Child year-round, I still get this awesome, nauseous, fluttery feeling as we approach National Collection Week.

November 12-19

During that week, millions of shoeboxes will be collected all over the country! I can’t even type that without getting goosebumps.

100 MILLIONTH Shoebox

This year, someone will pack and drop-off the 100 Millionth shoebox. Yes, I said ONE HUNDRED MILLIONTH.

One Person, One Box, One Child

With millions of shoeboxes being packed, it still starts with one person. One person decides to pack one shoebox that will end up in the hands of one child.

Journey of a Simple Gift

Over the next 12 days leading up to National Collection Week, we will follow the journey of a shoebox. A simple gift that goes a long way.

Want more information about Operation Christmas Child before tomorrow’s post? Check it out here!


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One thought on “12 Days of Christmas {Journey of a Shoebox}

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