Protective Postural Reflexes {aka not a Weeble}

Weebles wobble, but they don’t fall down. Adelaide, on the other hand…

Adelaide will fall flat on her face or back or side. Then giggle about it. Her core is not strong enough to support her. This is just part of her disability. But, I was puzzled about her arms. Adelaide NEVER uses her arms to keep from falling…or even to balance herself.

I was relieved {is that the right word?} to learn that she lacks protective postural reflexes. We don’t know why Adelaide lacks these reflexes, but I do get some strange mommy peace just from knowing. Knowing one more thing about my daughter. And, as we all learned from Schoolhouse Rock, Knowledge is POWER!

Speaking of Schoolhouse Rock, Conjunction Junction was my favorite. So, here it is!



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5 thoughts on “Protective Postural Reflexes {aka not a Weeble}

  1. Julie says:

    Loving your blog L! Thank you for sharing your mommy journey! I suspect it will help lots of moms… and I know it has helped one mom :). Appreciate your openness! Much love to your family from mine!


  2. Sweta says:

    Excellent…. Love it.


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