Second Day of Christmas: {We Wish you a Merry Birthday}

10:26. For the six Bergen kids, it is not just a time on the clock.

When we were itty-bitty, our Mom would always declare, “10:26! It’s my birthday!” As we grew up, we thought it was a game. We competed to see who could say it first. “10:26! It’s Mama’s birthday!” And that is how our genius mother tricked all six of her kids into remembering her birthday. Not once has a Bergen kid ever forgotten our Mama Bear’s birthday. Well, at least no one has ever admitted it…

Last year, Mama decided she no longer wanted birthday presents. Instead, she wanted all her kids and grandkids to pack Operation Christmas Child shoebox gifts. We also paid our $7 per box donation online, so we could Follow Our Boxes! It was a great time of fellowship and celebration!

Baby Girl Ballew’s first OCC shoeboxes…in the womb!

Graham has been packing OCC shoeboxes since he was 3 weeks old.

The Ballergens!
Micah & Kelsi Bergen
Joshua, Kita, DJ, & Jasmine Bergen
Della Bergen
Dave, Lyndse, Graham, & Baby Girl Ballew
Nathanael Bergen
Hosea Bergen & Stephenie Bergen are not pictured, but packed boxes elsewhere.


This year, with family on 3 different continents, Mama Bear packed shoeboxes on several different days. Some of her kids will drop off their shoeboxes in other states. Since we live about 3 minutes away, we went to Here to Serve on her actual birthday…10/26!

Graham and Adelaide packed Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes with their Mema!


These Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes are just starting their journey!

Do you have an Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Story? Have you already packed a shoebox this year? Please share in the comments!
Day 1 of 12 Days of Christmas: {Journey of a Shoebox}

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3 thoughts on “Second Day of Christmas: {We Wish you a Merry Birthday}

  1. […] can read about past years here. I would highly recommend it, because Adelaide is absolutely adorable packing her first shoeboxes […]


  2. […] Christmas Child shoebox gifts in honor of my Mama’s birthday? {You can read about it here and […]


  3. […] Every year, my kiddos pack Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes with my mom. Mema loves shoeboxes! Instead of gifts on her birthday, she wants to pack gifts for children all over the world. I’ve been packing shoeboxes with my mom since I was in Junior High. I adore that my kids get this experience with her. Year after year. […]


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