Exciting News!

Today, we start a new journey! This is sooner {much, much sooner} than we thought possible, and I am so excited I can hardly contain all the JOY!

Adelaide is hitching! 

“Hitching” is when seated babies dig their heels into the ground and scoot on their bottoms. In two weeks, we went from a) sitting 3 seconds to b) sitting 10 seconds to c) sitting almost a minute {46 glorious seconds is the record} to d) sitting almost 30 seconds plus trying to move! 

We didn’t expect Adelaide to attempt this until her 2nd birthday. Research told us she wouldn’t even be capable until she turned 15 months. But, at 13 months old, our baby girl hitched 1/2 an inch!

Honestly, I was confused when she first started. Then, I got that look from our physical therapist…the look that says, “This is awesome. Are you seeing this?”


I was also awestruck.

Apparently too awestruck to even think of recording it. Or getting a photo. You will just need to use your imagination…

We may have a truly independent sitter by Valentine’s Day…but it looks like she won’t be sitting for long. {love}

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14 thoughts on “Exciting News!

  1. Tricia Goyer says:

    That is awesome! God is good!


  2. woot!!! go adelaide!!! Thankful for encouragement. God is in the details. He sees you. love.


  3. Meta says:

    HOORAYY!!! Little successes, BIG PRAISE!!! :) So awesome!!!


  4. Yay! I have a daughter with autism. Those steps means sooooo much! Big hugs from me to you!


  5. Kerry says:

    Hopping over from studioJRU – so happy for your sweet news! Can’t wait to read more on your blog. So nice to meet you today!


  6. studiojru says:

    How exciting! You have such a sweet blog here… “the story of what God is building in us, through us, and around us.” Beautiful! So happy your blog was sharing in my ‘it’s a small world’ blog hop today. Nice to ‘meet’ you!! :)


  7. Anna K. says:

    Hi! I’m swinging by via the “It’s A Small World” blog hop hosted by the Studio JRU blog.

    I’m so excited for you and Adelaide! May the blessings just keep on flowing!

    -Anna K.


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