It’s Official! {cue the music}

15+ months

475+ days

11,000+ hours

686,000+ minutes

41,000,000+ seconds

Potty-training a strong-willed toddler has been a grueling interesting journey, which officially ends today! Please note: January 22, 2013, marks the day we declare Graham {finally} POTTY-TRAINED!

Graham has been wearing “mine Big Boy underwears” for quite some time,  but had managed to trick ease his way back into Pullups during unnecessary times. So, we took away the safety net of night-time/van-time/church-time/any-time Pullups {well, we switched to generic awhile back, but we never said, “Time to put on your White Cloud Training Pants“…} and this has been our last week and a half in Facebook posts. Enjoy.

If Graham poops one more time in his underwear, I am running away with the Polka Dot Afro Circus… ; )

“I peeded and poopeded in ALL mine underwear. Buy me a Pullups.” “No, you will just wear pajama pants while I wash all your underwear.” “Ok. But I use up all mine jammies pants and THEN you buy me a Pullups.” “No, you are big boy and you aren’t wearing Pullups anymore.” “Ok. But I knowed you hided some somewhere! I find dem!” Goodness sakes alive…I am totally eating some freezer chocolate today. ; )

Graham listened and obeyed {and stayed dry!} through 3 1/2 hours of waiting rooms and errands. So, I broke the spending freeze so we could share a $1 ice cream cone. Honestly, he deserves a parade for what he endured this afternoon. I am so blessed to be his Mama!

Graham wore big boy underwear to church and stayed dry the entire time…almost 3 hours! WOOHOO! — with David Michael Ballew.

And with only a handful of accidents in the past several days, we have traded in the -ing for -ed. This boy is potty-trainED…with an occasional pair of Superhero undies going into the diaper pail.
Cue the music:
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