Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Get a Bowl of Yogurt Soup

I am just going to cut to the chase…

My DIY Crock Pot Greek Yogurt Experiment didn’t go as planned. My expectations were really high, which was not entirely my fault. People who write foodie blogs tend to hire people with fancy cameras to photograph the absolute best parts of their recipes. I saw some pretty awesome photos of crock pot Greek yogurt. Complete with billowing peaks, flax seed, and a few pieces of fresh fruit for visual texture.

I am not even going to photograph mine.

After 24 hours, with only 20 minutes of actual work, I ended up with almost 12 cups of very soupy yogurt and several ice cube trays of whey run-off. Not bad for a gallon of milk and a cup of yogurt starter. Just not what I was wanting. We will use the run-off in our bread machine, which will add quite a bit of protein to our loaves. We will also use it in our oatmeal…Graham and I start most days with oatmeal. The yogurt will need to go into smoothies or be used for a frozen yogurt recipe. It actually tastes amazing, but Graham won’t touch it. He says it is a drink. Not a food.

When I was in Tianjin (at an orphanage for little ones with disabilities), I ended up with a double ear infection and a sinus infection. Since I was on antibiotics, I needed some probiotics for gut issues. I went with yogurt. A tasty stand-by. Much to my surprise, the yogurt came in cups with straws. It was not creamy in any way. It was my first time drinking yogurt. So, I like to think this week’s yogurt experiment just makes me internationally savvy. 我的意思做。<—–Supposedly says, “I meant to do that.”

Here are some photos, because Graham is adorable and was so excited about this project.  DIY Crockpot Greek Yogurt  DIY Crockpot Greek Yogurt  DIY Crockpot Greek Yogurt

I didn’t get a photo of him at the end, because his face was pathetically sad as he asked, “We go to Aldi now and buy mine REAL yogurt?”

And, that is the entire reason I wanted to make my own. The largest part of our grocery budget is, you guessed it, yogurt. We make so many things from scratch, base our menu off protein deals and produce picks, stock our freezer whenever possible…but yogurt just eats away at the budget. Plus, it has so much added sugar. I loved the idea of cutting all that extra sugar out. Plain yogurt with real toppings.

We made yogurt for 3 cents an ounce. That is a pretty big savings. Unfortunately, it saves nothing if Graham won’t eat it. But, I am not giving up! There are other recipes and methods out there. My cheesecloth and I will find a way to make our own yogurt! Next stop: Stove Top Greek Yogurt!

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