Sell, Sell, Sell! {an eBay store experiment}

So, we have been using eBay to sell off things we no longer need, use, want…including things we didn’t even realize we had until we cleaned out some places in our house. Things we never even took out of the boxes…but forgot to return. You know the drill. It’s so first world to have things you didn’t know you had, but when you find them you instantly think, “I totally need these. I might need them tomorrow!”

We opened our eBay store in January. We keep track of all the expenses, tithe off our profits, and dump the rest into a fund for Adelaide’s medical expenses. We have already sold 4 items. Big things start small. Right? We would have sold more, but we are limited each month until we rack up some positive feedback. So, we have a few {several} containers in our living room housing just some of the items we are trying to sell. Some days, I just want to go drop it off at Salvation Army and drive away. But, most days, I realize that God gave us the idea to help us with two issues: space and bills.

Space: We live in a little house. Hence the blog title. Of course, only by American standards is our house little. The kiddos we sponsor would think we live in a mansion. We actually love our house. We find it cozy and quaint. It keeps our family together all the time. We sleep in our bedrooms, but we live in the family room and the kitchen. Well, I also live in the bathroom right now, thanks to Baby #3. {Side note: When I was pregnant with Graham, Dave bought us a new toilet that was easier to vomit into…because I was sick for 16 straight weeks. Yes, my husband is that awesome. Unfortunately, I also needed it with Adelaide, and this baby is continuing the trend…} As we add more people to our house, it only makes sense that things need to keep moving out the door. We would rather have room for people than things any day of the week.

Bills: If you have a child with a disability, there are a lot of costs. The End.

Some friends and family even donated items for us to sell in our store. That blew my mind. Talk about a blessing! I guess they were also clearing out their clutter and thought it was a way to help, but we are so grateful.

Here is the request and the point of this post: Please pray our store has favor. We appreciate all of you who pray for us on a daily basis. We know, because you ask us how you can pray. You encourage us with messages and texts. You bless us.

But, please don’t keep us from receiving the blessing of praying for YOU. You can leave it in the comments {we read each and every one of them}. You can send us a message on Facebook. You can tweet it. You can text us, if you are one of the unfortunate who have our phone numbers…I am pretty famous (infamous?) for texting my group of prayer warriors with a 5 page text.

Graham and I are making one of those popsicle stick prayer buckets, so let us know what we can add to your name. If not, you are getting a generic prayer…unless the Holy Spirit leads us into something specific for you! Either way, we are praying for you!



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3 thoughts on “Sell, Sell, Sell! {an eBay store experiment}

  1. Courtney says:

    If you really want to(I don’t know if this would add more stress or not), but you can petition for them to raise your ebay limits. I did this after a month or two, because I couldn’t offer a second chance offer on a case that had been opened(and then closed), due to my “limits”. So, after one relatively quick call and explanation, they lifted my items from 10 to 50. Then after the 3 month “trial” was up, it was lifted to 100(like I’ll ever have that many things listed at a time!!)

    If you called and perhaps mentioned why you would like to sell more items and they can see your positive feedback, maybe they would be willing to work with you a bit. Doesn’t hurt to try :)


    • lyndseballew says:

      Thanks! We actually just clicked a place online requesting an increased limit and were raised from 10 to 100 earlier this evening! We are so excited! We have already listed 15 items tonight and are still working on it!


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