Blog at Home Mom: Balancing Blogging and Motherhood {Book Review}

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This book could have easily been called Do Anything at Home Mom: Balancing Anything and Motherhood because it is about so much more than blogging. It is about priorities. Organization. Schedules. Goals. Your relationships with God, your husband, your children, your community.

I was just a few pages into the forward of Christin Slade’s new ebook, Blog at Home Mom: Balancing Blogging and Motherhood and was in love. Earlier this year, Dave and I decided that we (I, he was being nice) need some major help learning to balance the responsibilities of marriage, children, home, blogging, and the new eBay business. It was like God said, “Here you go! A friend wrote this book to help YOU. And to raise money for her adoption. Be blessed!” Honestly, the blogging was pretty far down on the list of things I needed to get in order. But, I was amazed at how much I learned about this new adventure of writing for the world to see.

Dave and I went to a wedding in Miami the morning after we learned we were having another baby. A complete surprise. An amazing surprise. But, it meant a serious heart-to-heart about how we were going to become a more organized family. We spent the drive discussing all we knew God wanted us to do. But how? Graham is starting homeschool preschool in the Fall. Adelaide has physical therapy once a week, with Mommy-led therapy 1 hour a day. She also has speech and occupational therapy evaluations in December. The eBay store is getting bigger every week, as we follow God’s call to bring in extra income for Adelaide’s needs and continue to follow His calling on my life to be a stay-at-home mom. And now, we have a  another Ballew blessing arriving in September. We really could not be more thrilled about it. Even though the timing was not what we expected, we knew there would be another little one in our home. {And possibly a fourth…who may be birthed in our hearts, but not from my womb. That is a subject for a post way into the future. And still something we are seeking the Lord about…}

Each chapter of Blog at Home Mom: Balancing Blogging and Motherhood provided me more of the wisdom I was craving. The information I knew I needed. The help I coveted from women who are ahead of me in this mothering race. We run always keeping our eyes on the prize, but need encouragement from those ahead of us. The ones who have already been on our hills. I cried through several chapters, as I realized I am not alone. I am not the only mom who thinks I can spend the entire day getting absolutely nothing done, only to feel I have wasted our day. My children didn’t get the mama they needed or deserved. They got a tired, weary one. My house was neglected. I just turned and turned my wheels in the mud, which sloshed all over this little house. I started my day without a plan. I wasn’t sitting around eating bon-bons watching soap operas, but I wasn’t being intentional. I wasn’t carving out time to teach my children about God. His Love. His Son. His Word. Well, not every day. I had no goals for being a mom. I just expected things to happen while we were surviving our days. I wasn’t getting many chores done, because I didn’t even know where to start. I added some stuff to my blog when I found a few minutes to write. {This review was really supposed to be up days ago, but my head was either in a toilet all week. Or cleaning it off after Graham was done trying to use it.} I was giving myself grace in this season, but realizing this season of 24/7 nausea will be done soon. And I need a plan. A combination of Grace & Goals.

Although this book is specifically about blogging, and how to balance this calling with all our other God-given responsibilities, you could replace blogging with any other hobby or business or dream. I gleaned practical tips from every single page. Every contributor. Dave humored me as I quoted line after line to him. So excited to read another chapter. I didn’t feel condemnation, but conviction. Followed by freedom. I felt a new freedom to take control of my time and allow God to make me a better wife, mom, homemaker, and writer.

This book is a must-read for all moms. Blogging or not. If you are a mom whose children wear clothes and eat food, you will benefit from reading this book. Here is a sneak peek at the chapter titles. Every single chapter was a balance of practicality and spiritual morsels.

Chapter 1: Set Goals and Have a Plan
Know what to do and how to get there

Chapter 2: Organize Your Days
Know what to do and when to do it

Chapter 3: Prioritize Your Tasks
Put your most important duties and details in order

Chapter 4: The Power of a Schedule
Make the most of your time by giving it purpose

Chapter 5: Stay Consistent to Keep Balance
Knowing the needs is key to knowing balance

Chapter 6: Make the Most of Your Time
Learn to make the minutes count

Chapter 7: Care for Your Marriage
Be intentional about keeping your man in the loop

Chapter 8: Care for Your Spiritual Walk
Everything flows from this vital point

You can purchase the ebook here for only $4.99. It is worth every cent. You should buy it now for your Kindle. Or your Nook. Or as a PDF. You will read it, and then read it again. Then, you will tell your husband, your mom, and your best friend about everything you learned and loved. Be blessed!

*By the way, there are affiliate links in this review. I was given a free copy of this book by Christin. I would never recommend something I would not buy for myself. I will receive a small commission if you purchase this book through my review. 10% will go toward ministries we support (Compassion, WorldVision, Operation Christmas Child, Samaritans Purse, and others) while 90% goes toward Adelaide’s medical bills. Just a legal and ethical heads up… ; )

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