Just Some Self-feeding & Sippy Cup Videos {love}

In mid-February, Adelaide self-fed herself her very first muffin! It was one of those moments where you realize you are speaking two octaves higher than normal and you can’t believe it is actually happening. But you realize it is finally happening. After so much practice and so many prayers.


Yesterday, Adelaide started using a sippy cup! Her very first cup. It was an exciting moment, because her therapist and I didn’t know how she would do with such a new skill. I honestly bought the cup thinking she would teethe on it for a few days. Here she is trying it out for the first time.


Then, she fell in love. She choked and aspirated only four times her first day of sippy cup freedom. She hasn’t yet figured out how to sit up and drink, but I know that skill will take a bit longer to learn. Today, we are celebrating that she can do it!


Our girl and her new skills…she amazes us everyday.


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4 thoughts on “Just Some Self-feeding & Sippy Cup Videos {love}

  1. Jen says:

    Love these videos!!


  2. Meta says:

    WHAT A CUTIE!!!! :) Good job Addy! :) And mommy! :)


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