Captain of the Storm {aka Graham’s Deep Thoughts} Little House in the City Captain of the Storm aka Graham's deep thoughts

Photo Credit: The Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally-Lloyd Jones and Jago

Me: What did you learn about today in Sunday School Class?

Graham: Jesus.

That is always the answer. But, today {for the first Sunday ever} there is more…

Graham: The boat was rocking so hard in the water! It was going all over and up and down! There was rain everywhere! There was funder and lightning everywhere! They weres so scared!

Me: {hiding tears} What happened next?

Graham: Jesus stopped the storm. Because He’s Jesus. He’s so cool. That’s what He do.

When the thunder is crashing, lightning is striking all around, and the waves threaten to tear you apart…just remember Jesus stopped the storm that day.

And the men marveled, saying, “What sort of man is this, that even winds and sea obey him?” Matthew 8:27 (ESV)

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2 thoughts on “Captain of the Storm {aka Graham’s Deep Thoughts}

  1. Dana Butler says:

    I love this. This is one of my 2-and-a-half year old’s fave stories. :)


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