Gray’s Big Boy Room

Since Graham will be 3 1/2 soon, has been out of diapers for too many months to count, {and has never used that bottle of unopened baby powder…} it was time to move the changing table out. I decided to do a no-cost makeover. It was time for a Big Boy Room.


First Step: empty the changing table. Pajamas, play clothes, ‘work’ clothes, towels & washcloths, and extra baby hygiene items all needed to be relocated.


Second Step: change out all the baby items above the changing table for Big Boy items. Graham has collected some pretty cool stuff over his few years of life.


Graham has marbles from several different states, a few different countries, and two continents. Members from both sides of the family bring him marbles from their travels. The marble photograph {pictured above} was taken by Bess Lanyon {CleverYou} during George Washington Carver Days. It was the inspiration for the marble collection {pictured below}.


Third Step: bring in the changing table replacement…a train and Lego table! Graham has actually been playing with it since he was a little baby, since my parents kept it at their ministry office for a few years. They decided to let us move it into Graham’s Big Boy Room.



Fourth Step: declutter Graham’s dresser {and put up the Christmas decorations…don’t judge, this was still January}, fit items from the changing table into his dresser, and dust. Oh, I loathe dusting.






Fifth Step: remove Baby items and display Big Boy items. You know, like his Daddy’s childhood robot… {love}





Sixth Step: Replace Graham’s Baby shelf with a Big Boy shelf. We also moved the glider to the double nursery. This was a tough moment for me. I nursed, rocked, soothed, and fawned over Graham from the time he was just days old. In that chair. In that corner. I didn’t even photograph the glider, because I was having a tough time not crying.





Seventh Step: change Graham’s bedding to a hodgepodge of VeggieTales, dinosaurs, and Classic Pooh. Apparently, a Big Boy likes things eclectic. Graham’s choice. He wouldn’t let me photograph his bedding. “It mine and I no want people to see it.” I respect that.

Eighth Step: update the closet. I removed the diaper stacker. It had been there so long, I didn’t even notice it anymore.


Ninth Step: I just stood and admired what Graham likes hanging on his hooks. Those hooks originally held tiny baby shoes and a 6 month jacket. Over the years, Graham has replaced those Baby items with his treasures. Cape, mask, conductor hat, his favorite jacket, and his ‘Thomas Scarf’…be still my heart.


Tenth Step: let Graham play in his room. All by himself. Without Mama watching every move. That has been the strangest part of this entire process. Graham wants to spend time all by himself. He talks to his toys. He always “cweans up” one mess before making another. I have tried to photograph his playtime so many times, but he hears me approach and the moment is lost. I won’t stop trying.

I did the room update, because I knew we were having another baby. We had learned of our surprise blessing. Graham didn’t yet know, since Dave and I were keeping the secret to ourselves for just a bit longer. Stealing glances and smiles and having whispered conversations. I knew Graham needed reassurance that he was a gift to us. That his role as Big Brother, times two, was very important. Graham was proud of his new room. His pride only grew when he heard the news. Of course, that is a post for another day…

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4 thoughts on “Gray’s Big Boy Room

  1. Sarah says:

    I love it! Precious how he set a boundary about people seeing his bed. And I love how you honored that. Although, I must admit I’m curious about the hodge podge! :)


  2. […] I bought a set of elephants for Graham’s nursery. Before he was born. So, more than 4 years ago. They were from Cocalo and I found the entire set for $7 at a discount store! I was going to turn them into Heffalumps. Graham had a Classic Pooh nursery. PS: You can see his Big Boy Room here… […]


  3. […] Felt from Graham’s cape. First attempt. {The one he didn’t wear for his 3rd Birthday invitation. Because I measured once and cut twice…and still couldn’t save it. The cape pictured here is happily hanging in his Big Boy Room.} […]


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