Five Minute Friday {Rest}

Lisa-Jo Baker. Five Minute Friday. Join me…

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Ready, set, go…

Questions. I get lots of questions about Adelaide. From doctors, nurses, therapists, specialists, family, friends, strangers…myself. I really do not mind answering questions, but sometimes, I would like to put a sign on my head that reads, “I have no answers today.” Maybe I have the answer, I just don’t feel like talking about it. Honestly, most of the questions don’t have answers anyway. They just lead to more questions. Adelaide is a medical anomaly at this point.

But, some questions could be answered if I allowed myself to sink into a dangerous place. A place where I start to focus on all the what-ifs and the could-bes. Those are the questions that are the toughest. And this week, I was asked:

“How do you not think about Adelaide running around chasing Graham?”

The person loves Adelaide. And us. And was genuinely wanting to know how I cope with it. She was concerned about my feelings. I couldn’t answer her. I just can’t allow myself to think about it. It is too hard. Adelaide is 15 months old and can only roll to her brother. That is the reality, and that is what I choose to focus on. If not, I will end up in a big puddle of tears.

So, I find myself grateful for rest. When I start to feel overwhelmed with all the questions/answers/lack of answers, whether they are coming at me from the outside or bouncing around in my own head, I rest in the fact that God already knows all the answers. Every single one. And, He even knows the answers in my own heart. The ones I don’t want to think about. And He says, “Just give those to me.” And I do. One day at a time.




Time’s up!

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10 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday {Rest}

  1. Dana Butler says:

    Yes…. He does know the answers. I loved reading this. I can only imagine how difficult this must be for your sweet family. Praying for you right now, for grace to continue to rest in Him… that He’ll be more than enough for you in this season. Blessings. (Stopped by from Lisa-Jo’s)


  2. Sabrina says:

    This was wonderful, Lyndse. It’s so true that we can mess ourselves up when we go to those dangerous gloomy areas in our thoughts. There are many questions that we might not receive an answer for…or at least not a satisfactory answer…this side of Heaven. However, this is where faith kicks in. Just trusting God. He doesn’t expect us to know nor understand all of the answers. Just to trust Him with it all.


  3. Vicki says:

    <3 He is faithful to give us the rest. So thankful with you for the rest that can only be found in Jesus.


  4. Yes, He knows but still wants us to ask Him. Ask Him, but cast the cares and worries on Him. Let Him comfort us and give us a rest that makes no sense to the eyes of the world. Thanks for sharing. What a struggle you are walking through! What a difficult trial! What an amazing opportunity to turn to Jesus and allow Him to minister to and through you. Adelaide and her brother are blessed to have you. :) (Visiting from Lisa-Jo FMF)


  5. Sarah Mueller says:

    I pray for you to find rest in Him and for healing for your sweet Adelaide.


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