52 & 7 Challenge Update {aka Jon Acuff has never been pregnant}

Well, this update is almost a month late, but I guess that is better than never! I am not going to blame Baby, but pregnancy has definitely changed the challenge for this Mama!

Jon Acuff challenged his readers to give up New Year’s Resolutions and try something new. I did just that! So, here is my update on my first 52 days’ goals and what I am doing for the next 52 days. We are already 30 days into the next chunk of time, so some of these “new” goals have already been under construction for a month. Although I didn’t have the chance to type everything out last month, I did process through all these goals, reassess, and make some new mental goals. Since I have pregnancy brain, it will be nice to get my thoughts down on paper. Of course, if my nausea doesn’t let up, then most of these goals will never happen. Just taking it one day at a time.


GOAL: Go on a non-essentials spending freeze in order to pay toward Adelaide’s 2012 medical bills. {This will require a lot of creativity and inventiveness.}


UPDATE: We stuck to it and Adelaide’s 2012 medical bills are all paid off! The spending freeze definitely helped, but it was only a small part of reaching this goal. There were several other factors/miracles/blessings that made this God-sized dream a reality!


NEW GOAL: Keep up the non-essentials spending freeze in order to save as much as possible for Adelaide’s 2013 expenses. Of course, with a 3rd baby on the way, we will need to buy some things. Like more cloth diapers. I still consider that an essential, even though I could actually wash diapers more often and use what we have.



GOAL 1: Work out at least 300 minutes a week.

UPDATE: Um, that didn’t happen. I became pregnant, remember? I couldn’t keep down food {or water} for several weeks, so using any calories for exercise was completely unwise. I even had to wean Miss Adelaide, in order to decrease my caloric need. I am still not consuming enough calories, and have gained only 4 pounds this pregnancy.

NEW GOAL:  Eat more. I love this goal. If I keep up the pattern from my first two pregnancies, I still have 4 weeks of 24/7 nausea and daily {sometimes hourly} vomiting ahead of me. I just need to focus on eating.

GOAL 2: Drink 8 glasses of water each day.

UPDATE: Even on the days when I vomited most of it up, I did really well with this goal.

NEW GOAL: Maintain the goal.


GOAL 1: Have at least 1 playdate every 2 weeks.

UPDATE: Nope. Since our children were sick for almost 3 months, we stayed home and had ZERO playdates until just a few weeks ago.

NEW GOAL: Try this goal again. With warmer weather and fewer illnesses around the corner, I think we can make this work! We have already had TWO playdates this month!

GOAL 2: Stop checking my social apps while I am with real people. {Ouch. This one was hard to type…}

UPDATE: Did it. It was embarrassing to admit that I often checked my social media while with REAL people. So glad I made that change.

NEW GOAL 2: Maintain the original goal and add weekly breaks from all social media.


GOAL 1: Read 1 new book every two weeks.

UPDATE: No. Not even close. I read some great books. I even wrote some reviews here on the blog. But I didn’t reach my goal. Unless you count children’s books. Then, I dominated.

NEW GOAL 1: Read 1 new book every month. I refuse to fall short of meeting this goal… ; )

GOAL 2: Write, edit, and publish at least 2 blog posts per week.

UPDATE: I didn’t quite reach this one, because I took off a lot of time to vomit.

NEW GOAL 2: Write, edit, and publish at least 1 blog post per week. Once I get to the 2nd trimester, I will reevaluate this one…


GOAL 1: List at least 3 new items each week in the eBay store.

UPDATE: We did it! We have almost 50 items at any given time!

NEW GOAL 1: Increase from 50 items to 100 items at any given time. {This has been tricky with seller’s fees increasing, but I believe God will provide some creative solutions.}

GOAL 2: Load cover photos for Little House in the City Facebook page and personal Twitter page.

UPDATE: This one went out the window when I became pregnant. Honestly, I am just going to discontinue it.


GOAL 1: Continue weekly family nights and in-home date nights.

UPDATE: Yes, and we did VERY well! Honestly, one of the easiest things you can do during a spending freeze is stay home and spend time together!

NEW GOAL 1: Maintain. Although it is a habit, it can be easily {and wrongfully} placed on the back burner…

GOAL 2: Choose and print 2 photos each week for the Family Tree frame.

UPDATE: No. Not even close. It still needs to be done.

NEW GOAL 2: Try again. Because those empty frames haunt Dave. It is really my wifely duty to take care of this issue…


GOAL 1: Read the first 52 days of my One Year Bible for all 52 days.

UPDATE: Mostly. Some days, I read only parts and read from somewhere else in the Bible. Then, YouVersion deleted all my progress on Day 63.

NEW GOAL 2: Continue to read my Bible everyday, but show myself grace on the few days where I don’t read every verse of Leviticus…

GOAL 2: Finish all 19 days of She Reads Truth: Fresh Start.

UPDATE: Did it and LOVED it! I finish She Reads Truth: Songs of Ascent tomorrow. This goal is automatically discontinued, because I do not know when She Reads Truth will release their next installment. But, I will definitely continue to follow their plans when posted. Because I love them!


So, there it is! Not much else to say, except this: I am learning this year how to show myself grace. And that late is better than never. And that seasons are just that…SEASONS!

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