When Your Morning Needs a Reset {& a cute photo of Adelaide}

Adelaide was up laughing this morning right after 7. That is very early for her. I thought she might fall back asleep, so I left her for a few minutes. Once I realized she was truly awake, I went to rescue her from her crib. I saw a gigantic puddle and her nursery smelled like a sewer. (Well, I have never smelled a sewer, but I can imagine it.) I picked her up and her diaper dropped to the bottom of her sleep sack. Somehow, Little Miss Thing had un-velcroed her diaper and removed it through her pajamas and sleep sack. She was covered in pee and poop. And she was laughing. And signing for milk. (Oh, I need to write a post on that…we are teaching Adelaide sign language at home. Long story short: they are not sure when she will be able to speak, so we are getting a head start on sign language. She babbles and squeals more each day, but has almost ceased using words. The only area where we are seeing regression…tough one to talk about. We have a speech eval in January.) Covered in urine and feces, Adelaide still awoke happy and ready for her day! Communicating with her hands and smile and bright eyes.

Graham heard Adelaide talking. So, he woke up and started screaming that I needed to make her stop. Then, he screamed at her. Then, he screamed at Dora on his new MobiGo. (This is Graham’s first device, and he has no idea how to use it.) Then, he screamed for milk. Oh, and he was screaming that the toilet made a noise when he flushed it. He screamed at his milk for dripping on the couch. By the way, he had also wet his bed last night, but awoke sometime in the early morning hours and screamed at me to change his clothes and underwear. Then, he screamed at Dave to move over so he could crawl into our bed. Needless to say, I was weary of the screaming….which went on for almost 45 straight minutes this morning.

I did what any good mother would do under these circumstances. I lovingly changed Adelaide and attended to all her needs while assessing Graham’s behavior and determining the best course of action. Praying and praising every second.


It went something like this:Adelaide! Sweetheart! How did you even get your diaper off through two layers of clothes?

Mumbling and whispering to myself: “Great, I need to change these sheets. I hate sheets. I just did 8 loads of laundry yesterday. NONE of it folded. So glad I get to do more laundry. And your brother peed, too. Urine is great for nausea!

After 45 solid minutes of Graham screaming in my ear…in my face…in my brain…I snapped at him: “GRAHAM! Please stop yelling at me! I am trying to clean up pee and poop. I am trying to make Adelaide’s bottle! I am trying so hard to take care of you and Adelaide. Why are you doing this again today? Can we please have a good day?”

Adelaide was laughing the entire time. I am sure she thought I was some ridiculous comedy sketch. Graham was still screaming. This time, at a bird singing outside our living room window. Poor bird.

I sat Graham down and told him we were going to read his Bible. Today’s reading was about Solomon.

“Guide me like you guided Solomon.”

Yes, Lord! I need that same guidance. How do I deal with a screaming toddler? How do I balance Adelaide’s care with this house? How do I prepare for a new baby when I am so sick?

Then, we read Graham’s devotional.

“May 16th: Everything I Need”

Yes, God! Please give me everything I need today. Please give me strength, patience, joy, and respite from this sickness. Please reset our day.

Then, Graham and I prayed together. And he started to calm down. And he snuggled up next to me and his heartbeat slowed.

This morning was a reminder that I should’ve taken a Bible & Prayer timeout. Before the resentment from a mountain of laundry took over. Before I struggled through Graham’s tantrums. Before I allowed myself to yell. I normally start my day in the Word, but this morning my day had started with body fluids and went downhill before I could put on the brakes. Before I chose to put on the brakes. Best Case Scenario: I would have been up before the kids, in the Word, preparing my heart. I could’ve stayed up when Dave woke me to kiss me goodbye. Instead, I was sleeping as late as I possibly could to help with the nausea. On mornings when I just can’t get up, I do my Bible Study later in my morning routine. Most days, this works for us. Today was not one of those days. Reminding myself that this nausea and lack of sleep is a season. And that I can’t afford to let 45 minutes go by without calling a timeout!

Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love,
    for I have put my trust in you.
Show me the way I should go,
    for to you I entrust my life.” Psalm 143:8 (NIV)

Are you in a strange season where your normal morning routine just isn’t working? What are your go-to verses when going through a tough season? Is 9 am too early for chocolate?

And just for fun, a photo of Adelaide holding her own bottle. Looking adorable in her thermal jammies during our Winter Storm on May 3rd…

Adelaide drinking milk

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