Dada’s Girl? {aka Adelaide Uses Baby ASL}

Adelaide was up bright and early this morning. Not typical behavior. Adelaide is consistent with two things. One is sleep. The child sleeps a solid 12 hours every night and naps. The other is bottle-consumption. She is like clockwork when it comes to milk. And her thighs do not lie.

I was up even earlier with Graham. This is typical behavior. Graham is up most nights. Either peeing, or having a bad dream, or screaming about something. Tonight, it was all three. {And Dave has my washing machine and dryer out of commission for a construction project, so that urine will get nice and ripe before Saturday.} It took an hour to get Graham back to sleep. But I finally tricked him into cuddling on the couch. He was out just a few minutes before Miss Giggles awoke.

I opened the door and she was squealing and laughing. My beautiful little girl heard me creep into her dark, cool nursery. Why was she awake? It was optimum sleeping conditions. I would pay to sleep on her floor! As I looked into the crib, she was signing ‘Milk, please.’ Over and over again. So I changed her diaper and gave her a bottle. She signed, ‘All done.’ as she sucked out the last drop of thigh-fattening milk. Then, she started yelling for Dada. A happy yell. An invitation.

The only area of regression we have seen with Adelaide is speech. Her only words are Dada and Hi. Those other half a dozen words she knew are no more. Including Mama. Even though our speech evaluation isn’t until early next year, the speech therapist encouraged us to start sign language now. It was a bittersweet moment when we started signing. I dealt with changing expectations. And I grieved a bit. But Adelaide started signing the very first day and has picked it up so quickly. {blog post and videos coming soon…} She was eager to communicate with us in ways other than clapping and arm-flapping.

She uses Dada {and all its variants} in her babbling. But, she does use it for Daddy. Most of the time, it means Daddy. Her Daddy. And this morning, she was asking for her Daddy. All while signing, ‘More play toys.’

I was so tempted to wake Dave. She was signing sentences! She wanted him. She loved him.

Instead, I told her it was time to sleep and placed her back in her crib. Because I realized this 17-month-old was ruling the roost. In the dark. With just the flick of her wrists and one little word. Dada.

Back to sleep, sweet baby. You and Dada will play with toys in the morning. And I will take a nap on your floor…


Ice Cream and New Eyes

By the way, it is hard to say no to this child. Here she is wondering why I waited so long to introduce her to ice cream. {Two Words: her thighs.} Those eyes were just 5 days post-surgery. And melting my heart faster than that Memorial Day cone



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2 thoughts on “Dada’s Girl? {aka Adelaide Uses Baby ASL}

  1. Meta says:

    She is insanely adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so sorry to hear about the speech regression. :( But I’m also happy to hear she’s signing full sentences. We watch a lot of “signing time” dvds and the signing is fun for us and does help with communication. and can i just say again how INSANELY CUTE she is :)


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