Crawling Position: A Physical Therapy Update {pretend it isn’t 3 months overdue…}

Back in April, Adelaide held herself up in a crawling position for THREE seconds. I actually recorded it. And I managed to hide the ‘Excited Special Needs Mommy’ scream. {Both of which are physical therapy milestone miracles. As we Mamas know very well, our littles are often camera-shy and we get lots of footage of nothing. Or prompting…I mean encouraging. And when something does happen, we often freak out our children by our exclamations and shrieking.} She also put one hand in front of another while being held in a crawling position. Oh, and she used her elbows to attempt some forward motion.

So, even though she is younger. And weighing about 3 pounds less. And wearing glasses. I still want to share these crawling position milestone videos with you.



Her three second hold is still the record. But we are hoping to set a new record any day now!

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