Her Hips Don’t Lie {aka the Johnny Jump Up Experiment}

Several times a month, a well-meaning stranger will say, “Throw that girl in a Johnny Jump Up and it will fix her right up!

Thanks to Adelaide’s hypotonia, she has no hip strength. None. We can’t even practice weight-bearing on her legs, because it could damage her hips. Johnny Jump Ups, saucer toys, bouncing seats, and standing on Mommy and Daddy’s legs are all off-limit activities. They can cause permanent damage to Adelaide’s hips, which could endanger our future hopes of using a walker.

But, Jennifer and I wanted to see what Adelaide would do in a Johnny Jump Up…so we tried it out. It was her first and last time.

Before she was 7 months old, Adelaide spent a bit of time playing in a bouncing Baby Einstein seat. She never bounced. I knew something was wrong, so we stopped using it. I was so relieved to find out I had done the ‘right’ thing by packing it up for a future brother or sister.

The good news: For the past 10 months, we have been simulating some weight-bearing on her feet by pressing her feet into our palms. Everyday. Several times a day. Just recently, we started seeing the fruits of our labor! When she is on her back, we place her close to the furniture or walls and she pushes with her legs. She is now starting to understand that her feet can flatten against a hard surface. And, more importantly, that she can push against it. This activity allows her feet to prepare for walking {someday} without causing damage to her hips.

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One thought on “Her Hips Don’t Lie {aka the Johnny Jump Up Experiment}

  1. […] Adelaide’s hip strength was zero and weight-bearing practice was just too dangerous. {Remember the Johnny Jump Up Experiment?}  Then, we were able to start weight-bearing practice while Adelaide was on her back. She would […]


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