If You Give a Toddler a Camera {aka Graham is Snap Happy}

Graham begs to hold our camera. He is obsessed with the buttons. And the settings. And the flash. And the independence. I have bribed him many a time with the promise of ‘using Mama’s camera’…and any bribe that keeps a strong-willed toddler happy during his sister’s bloodwork or his other sister’s baby appointment is a win in this mom’s book.

I have a Canon PowerShot. It is nice, but not too nice for a 3 {almost 4} year old to covet and request as his inheritance. I am not joking. “Mama, if you evers get killed, I want yours camera.” I don’t even know where that came from. Where did he learn the word kill? How does he instinctively know parents leave their junk to their children? Does he know something I don’t know? Should I be enjoying more freezer chocolate?

You can ask Dave, but I have had many a meltdown about not having a ‘real’ camera. One that could take professional-looking pictures of our children. It was in the days before I realized most of Pinterest is not good for me. And that God has blessed us with a couple of amazing women who do take actual professional pictures of our children. So, now I can keep my blood pressure down and allow them to work their magic on an overly energetic boy and hypotonic girl. They should get awards for their creativity in posing and cheetah-like speed… 

But I was sleep-deprived and scared to death that all the babies’ firsts would be inadequate without something that cost a mortgage payment to capture them. I knew we didn’t need a dslr camera (Yes, I had to google the abbreviation. Yes, I realize how ridiculous it is that I wanted to buy something I knew absolutely nothing about.), but I had convinced myself that our children would be the only children photographed with a regular digital camera. {And that, my friends, is the number one lie perpetuated by parenting magazines. And the one about stretch marks being avoided/erased by butter balms.} Then, my mom reminded me of her camera options when she was raising children. Better yet, she reminded me of her mom’s camera options. So, I quickly {well, Dave may not agree with the timeline…} got over it and embraced my digital point and shoot camera. Which is actually very nice and takes pretty decent pictures and can be carried around the house by a child who has successfully run into 6 doorknobs in 4 days. Oh, that clumsy stage of awkward pre-preschoolness.

So, without further ado {because you are probably regretting the minutes you have already wasted hearing my extremely first-world camera issues}, here are some photos taken by Graham.


“Mama, I call dis pitcher: Books Cuz I Love Beanstalks.” I don’t understand it either. I am also not sure how he knows that photographs are named.


Adelaide. Before her eye surgery.


Mama and Baby #3. And a very messy house. Since this blog is supposed to be ‘real’…


Another one of {exhausted} Mama. We are just back from Adelaide’s surgery.


Our kitchen floor. Which we finished installing the night before Graham was born.


Graham loves his ‘feet flops’…


Graham’s obsession is not limited to cameras. Bellies make the list. Right behind anything associated with pirates.


“Mama, I makin’ a silly face!”


“Mama, I makin’ a Gwaham face!”


We are building a beanstalk with pipe cleaners. Beanstalks make the Top Ten list, too.


He wanted one of my ‘skin belly’ but that is something you will NEVER see on the internet. For several reasons. There isn’t enough overly-priced butter balm in the world…


Graham said this was his favorite. Not a surprise. Camera, beanstalk, and a belly. He was like Augustus Gloop at Golden Corral…


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One thought on “If You Give a Toddler a Camera {aka Graham is Snap Happy}

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