Project Nursery {aka I am no Heidi Klum of interior design…and that’s okay}

I bought a set of elephants for Graham’s nursery. Before he was born. So, more than 4 years ago. They were from Cocalo and I found the entire set for $7 at a discount store! I was going to turn them into Heffalumps. Graham had a Classic Pooh nursery. PS: You can see his Big Boy Room here

Well, I never did anything with them. Not for a lack of good ideas. I had a’plenty! No, it was because I was so afraid I would mess them up.  I am not a perfectionist. I am more of an achiever. I love getting things done. But, there is a part of me that doesn’t want to mess things up. So, I don’t do them. I know it isn’t rational. It is just something I have been working through.

Back to the elephants. Since Graham has lived this long without them, I decided to use them in the double nursery. My mom and I went ahead and put them above the crib, while I brainstormed how I would match them to the room. Paint? Paper? Stencils?


Part of me thought, “They will never *actually* be completed. If I just leave them up there long enough, they will become a permanent fixture and no one will even notice that they don’t match.” Other days, I would think, “I just need to finish those crazy elephants!

I chose scrapbook paper to complete the elephants. The paper sat in a drawer for almost 6 months. A couple weeks back, I told Dave I was just going to finish them. I took the elephants out of the nursery and placed them in my ‘Things I am Afraid I Will Mess Up’ ‘Project’ basket.

Last night, I told Dave I was too nervous to actually do the project. He offered to do it for me, but I answered, “No, I need to do it myself. I can’t teach Graham that we avoid doing new things, just because we might be bad at them.I took a risk and started the project.

Several hours (way more than I want to acknowledge) later, they were DONE!


I put them up in Adelaide’s room as soon as we got home from therapy this morning. So lovely!



Not bad for some clearance elephants and 60 cents of scrapbook paper…

They aren’t perfect. But they are adorable, and I am very pleased with them. I am, of course, more pleased with myself for stepping out and trying something new. 

I now have some momentum to finish a few other little projects I have been putting off. Time to move some things out of the project basket…

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One thought on “Project Nursery {aka I am no Heidi Klum of interior design…and that’s okay}

  1. Charline Lewis says:

    You did a stupendous job!! They look great!! I, too, am in the same boat with you. Wish I had more confidence in myself at times!!


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