BaeBaLou {aka the post where I just talk about the diaper wall…}

BaeBaLou, owned and operated by Denis and Lacey Timochtchenko, is a cloth diapering Mama’s dream. And it is located right in Downtown Joplin. I was able to park my car at 6th and Main and walk in with my stroller. While carrying a 42 pound sleeping toddler. {Because toddlers always nap at the worst times. And please don’t tell my doctor. She would not be happy that I am carrying anyone over 25 pounds. While pushing a stroller. 8 months pregnant. I should just delete all of that…}

baebalou storefront

Friday was my first visit to the completed store. (Our official first visit was before the Grand Opening. And the place was under construction, which was a blessing. Because Graham followed Denis around asking 500 questions about paint, trim, carpet, and bathroom fixtures. All while I looked through dozens and dozens of diapers.) This time, I walked into a cute boutique. And I wanted to buy everything I saw. It was all so beautiful. Graham and Adelaide went for the toys. {It should be a rule that all businesses have toys. Just imagine how much easier errands would be if our children were bribe-able engaged and learning at every stop…} But my eyes went straight to the Diaper Wall. Yes, a wall of diapers.

diaper wall

BaeBaLou is an authorized GroVia dealer, stocked with diapers and accessories. I saw a diaper covered in bicycles. I was like Agnes from Despicable Me. “It’s so fluffy I wanna die!” The GroVias were brand new and super adorable. Ready to be wrapped up for a baby shower. {Plus, the prices rival Amazon. And there is no waiting for the UPS driver. Who will knock on your door five seconds after your children go down for a nap.}


They are also authorized dealers for bumGenius (and some other brands that are still in the works). BumGenius were the first cloth diapers Adelaide ever wore, so they will always be near and dear to my heart. Plus, they are the only diaper I have found that can keep Adelaide dry during her 12-14 straight hours of nighttime sleep. {All you people with non-sleeping kids can’t hate me. Graham doesn’t sleep. I am in both camps…one glorious and one wretched.}

The other brand spanking new items are Cloth Diaper Detergent, Lanolin Spray, Disposable Liners, Cloth Wipes, & Wet Bags. {Editor’s note: I used ‘brand spanking new’ because I thought it was punny. Something about spanking babies when they were born to get them to breathe. No, it is nothing like that. But now, I am going to leave it…because I like the sound of it. After you are done reading this post, you should totally look up the actual etymology. Very interesting. Yes, I am a word geek.}

One of BaeBaLou’s missions is to make cloth diapering affordable for all families. They offer a large rotating selection of used cloth diapers and accessories: Prefolds, Snappis, Fitteds, Covers, All-in-Ones, Pocket Diapers, Inserts, Soakers, Cloth Wipes, Wool Covers, and Swim Diapers. {If I just lost you with that list, Lacey can help. She is like Google. Minus the crazy predictive text.} There are brands and materials for every family’s budget and cloth philosophy. Several of the diapers in our girls’ stashes are from BaeBaLou. Both new and used. {Here are a few examples. We have several others from this fine establishment…}

alva birthday

alva blue


   some of our stash

Adelaide’s first Charlie Banana was from BaeBaLou. If you haven’t tried a Charlie Banana cloth diaper, you need to do so immediately. It is like placing a Rolls Royce on your child’s behind. (Or something much more comfortable.)

first charlie banana

If you are searching for a particular brand or type of diaper, BaeBaLou’s owners will do their best to locate it for you. {Just this week, Lacey was able to locate some brand new Babykicks for a customer. $12 each. That’s 40% off retail, folks.}


When you purchase diapers at BaeBaLou, you get unmatched customer service. Lacey will answer all your questions about materials, types, brands, and sizes. {The cloth diapering world can be a scary place at first…}

Plus, all diapers come with a tutorial on how to use them. Just today, I learned how to use a Snappi. On a bear. Because the only thing cuter than a stuffed bear is a stuffed bear in a newborn unbleached prefold… {By the way, they sell Snappis for only $2 each. Less expensive than both Amazon and eBay.}

You also leave knowing how to best care for your purchase. Each type of cloth diaper has specific care instructions. Lacey taught me how to care for all my diapers. Properly caring for cloth diapers is almost as important as eating vegetables. Or remembering to vote.

You can learn more about BaeBaLou on their Facebook page. They sell much more than cloth diapers. Our next post will be about the Consignment Corner and all its goodies…

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4 thoughts on “BaeBaLou {aka the post where I just talk about the diaper wall…}

  1. Laura S says:

    Rule #1 to CDing…keep your top loading “old” washing machine. Because that shiny new HE front loading washer that looks like a space ship and plays a cute musical number when your laundry is done can’t clean diapers worth a darn.


  2. […] you want to know about the cloth diapers and accessories, I wrote a post about it. You can find it here.} I, of course, noticed the Consignment Corner right […]


  3. Sue Stark says:

    I don’t think I have ever seen such a cute baby girl!! Lyndse, she is precious!


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