BaeBaLou Part 2 {aka the post where I talk about the Consignment Corner…}

“Mama, I need to go to ours Diaper Store and buys mineself some diapers like mine little sisters’ diapers. Cuz I wants to be a baby again. So I need somes diapers. The ones with snaps.”

There is a slight possibility that BaeBaLou is now in Graham’s Top Ten Favorite Places. He is obsessed with cloth diapers. He hasn’t even realized BaeBaLou sells more than diapers. {If you want to know about the cloth diapers and accessories, I wrote a post about it. You can find it here.} I, of course, noticed the Consignment Corner right away!

We buy most of our clothes used. Or pre-worn? Or pre-loved? However you want to say it, they are not brand new. People buy used clothing for many reasons: to stay within budget; to clothe more than one child in high quality clothing; to keep useable items out of landfills; to buy locally from other families. Our family buys used clothing because it allows us to clothe multiple children without putting strain on our pocketbook. {Do people even say pocketbook anymore?} We feel this allows us to be good stewards with the resources God has given us.  We also enjoy buying items that are still useful and not yet ready for recycling or repurposing.

The Timechtchenkos are an environmentally-conscious family who want to help other families stay debt-free and under budget. So, a Consignment Corner in the store just made sense. Every few weeks, they feature a different consignor. The consigning family gets to sell newborn through 5t clothing, shoes, accessories, nursery decor, baby gear, maternity clothes, nursing items, toys, and other children’s items. (Interested in consigning? There is a short application on the BaeBaLou Facebook Page.)

We bought several items from the very first consignor. She was selling girl items. Adorable girl items. The number of Gymboree items was mind-boggling. I have two girls {one who will make her appearance in 4 short weeks. Eek!}, and I found name brand items in perfect condition for about 90% off their new retail counterparts. Those clothes have a lot of life left in them! And I get to use many of them twice! It was great to fill in some gaps in the girls’ wardrobe and stay under budget. Plus, I was helping another Mom. And I wasn’t trolling eBay at 2 am. Not that I have ever done that…

consignment corner 2

consignment corner

graham diaper bag strap

Um, that last one was taken by Graham. “Mama, dis stwap fwom dis diaper bag is mysterious.” The world may never know the inner workings of a toddler’s mind…

We were extremely blessed to be chosen as the second consignor. Graham’s newborn through 4t clothes, shoes, and accessories will be featured for the next couple of weeks. {It was 11 containers, people. Eleven.} I am also selling most of my maternity clothes…minus the few I can still squeeze this gigantic belly into without needing assistance from a lady in waiting.

Here are just some of our items…

our consignment corner

Even though Graham still calls BaeBaLou his Diaper Store, there is so much more going on in that precious boutique space! Next time, I am going to write a blog post about the vendors and their new, locally hand-made items. I bought a bow from BabyTay Designs that will make your heart skip a beat…


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