A Ballew Family Tradition {aka hospital thank you gifts…}

This is our last pregnancy. Our last c-section. Our last hospital stay in our local birthing center.

The same doctor who delivered Graham and Adelaide will deliver our third child. Many of the same nurses will care for us, once again. 2009. 2011. 2013. The years have passed, but our labor and delivery family are, well, family. Familiar faces and voices and hands that lovingly care for our children.

We have always thanked them with a little gift. It’s not much. Just a token of our gratitude. We wouldn’t get through those first few hours and days without them. The doctors, the nurses, the techs, the custodial staff. Anyone who enters our room to assist us in this thing we call parenthood.

graham thank you giftGraham: Tea with Honey

adelaide thank you giftAdelaide: Tea and Scones

IMG_2447Baby Girl: A Work in Progress…

It is a Ballew Family Tradition. A bittersweet moment to see it come to an end, but we know that God is growing our family in His way and in His timing. We are so blessed.

Did you make little hospital thank you gifts? We would love to hear about it in the comments.


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