History is Made! {That time when Adelaide started bearing weight…}

We were told that Adelaide would need a spinal MRI and muscle biopsy later this year if she couldn’t/didn’t start bearing weight. So, this issue shot its way up to the tippy top of the prayer list.

For several months, we couldn’t do anything. Adelaide’s hip strength was zero and weight-bearing practice was just too dangerous. {Remember the Johnny Jump Up Experiment?}  Then, we were able to start weight-bearing practice while Adelaide was on her back. She would push her feet up against walls and furniture. We have also spent almost a year simulating weight-bearing on her feet while pressing her little soles into the palms of our hands. Every single day. Several times a day.

Well, August has been a great month for physical milestones! Adelaide started bearing weight while standing up! With constant support, she is able to bear weight up to TWENTY seconds at a time! Here she is showing off her new skill…




I can’t even express how amazing it was to see Adelaide using her feet and legs and hips.


We have also been spending a lot of time {hours upon hours} working on balance. Here she is balancing for a few seconds. And holding her ‘bah’… {love}


That concentration is off the cute charts.


Adelaide also discovered that playing with toys is almost as exciting as eating them…


And doesn’t she look adorable in that little ombre top and skinny leggings? Heart-melting.

And I can’t help but laugh when she starts signing ‘sleep’ right before she shuts down.

She worked very hard that day. Our little trooper.



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5 thoughts on “History is Made! {That time when Adelaide started bearing weight…}

  1. Julie says:

    Wow! God’s grace and the hard work is really showing! Congrats to all involved.


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  4. […] I was so anxious. But, in true Adelaide fashion, she took it right down to the wire and was bearing some weight with her legs right before the deadline. […]


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