Crunchy Towels {aka Giving Up the Idea of a September Blogging Challenge}

It is the 5th of September and we are using crunchy towels. I even found a spider on one of them. They were out on the line for 5 days, because I forgot about them and didn’t remember until we had run out. I went for a towel and realized I had cleaned all the towels. Where were they? The clothesline. I am sure our neighbors were wondering if I had gone into labor. Who else would leave their towels on the line for 5 days?

I actually used a princess bear hooded baby towel before my doctor’s appointment. It covered part of one of my legs. “Dat towel for Baby Sister! So you cans use it, but only on yours belly. Cuz she ins yours belly, but not yours leg.” One of the benefits of being a mom: You always have company in the bathroom. I actually wanted Graham in there with me, because he was having a croup episode and he needed the steam. By the way, the ER doctor told me about using steam with croup like he had invented it. I have been reading pioneer books since I was 4 years old. I know that steam helps with croup. I nodded and thanked him all 6 times he told me. He was actually really nice. I just already knew about the steam. The respiratory specialist {who almost didn’t clear Graham to be released from the hospital} also told me about the shower steam. 7 times. I was thinking, “We will be paying you a lot of money. Is there anything else you can tell me?” One of the three nurses who assisted us, sent me home with a packet of paperwork. It was mostly about steam. Anyway, all the other times Graham is in there playing with a pirate ship while I shower, I would much rather have 10 minutes to shampoo my hair without hearing 498 questions about water, God, and the history of fruit snacks. But on Wednesday, I was grateful he played in the steam.

So, we are 5 days into September and we are using the crunchy towels, because I didn’t do laundry on Tuesday. For the first time in almost 7 months, I didn’t do laundry on Tuesday. The ‘twice a week laundry day system’ has worked so well for us. But this past Tuesday, I was running on zero sleep after taking Graham to the emergency room for wheezing. His breathing stopped on the eternal 4 minute drive to the hospital. I slammed on my brakes, it jerked him back up, and he coughed and took in a breath. After 1 1/2 hours in the emergency room with a crying, screaming, panicking toddler, they sent me home with a crying, screaming, panicking, hopped-up-on-steroids toddler. They told me his breathing treatment and medicines would keep him up and there would be possible side effects for up to 24 hours. So, the child didn’t sleep. And neither did I. My mom came over so I could get in an hour long nap. I needed a shower. I needed to do laundry. I needed to read my Bible. But she was there so I could sleep and avoid going into pre-term labor. So I slept. She woke me after 1 hour and 7 minutes. I was in a puddle of drool. I only drool when I have newborns. Graham didn’t sleep. He was playing with a giant dumptruck mylar balloon, some foam dinosaur 3D puzzles, and playing with his Mema.

September 5th was supposed to be my 5th day of some sort of blogging challenge. I had looked at several different ones. My blog doesn’t make us any money {unless you count the $6 we’ve made from some affiliate links…}, but my blog does serve as a way to give me some mental health breaks. I thought it would be a good idea during this transition time to spend some additional time writing. Today, on the 5th day of the month, I realized I had written nothing. I had also neglected all chores since the ER trip. And I was doing that crazy math we sometimes do when we are utterly sleep-deprived: If I sleep 3 minutes every hour until Dave gets home from work, I can get in almost 30 minutes of sleep. Wait. I can’t do that while Adelaide is awake, because she will get hurt. In three minutes, she could get into a lot. During her nap, I can get in 6 total minutes. Maybe Graham will let me sleep 22 minutes while he watches tv? No, he was already saying he thought it would be cool to cut my hair someday. Today will be that day, and we have newborn photos next month. And he could hurt himself with the scissors. That is obviously more important than my hair. If I can stay awake until Dave gets home, then I can nap then. Ok. Eat an apple. They say it is a natural way to keep yourself awake. Dave has Coke Zero in the fridge. How much caffeine can I have?

My mom came over and put all the math to rest. For 1 hour and 7 glorious minutes.

Graham’s sleep schedule has been completely off since our ER trip early Tuesday morning. So we are using crunchy towels, I just washed diapers at 3 am, and I am realizing that the reality of me actually completing a blogging challenge this month is comical. My blogging challenge is going to be actually posting anything this month. About Adelaide. Or Graham. Or a photo of homemade salsa on Wordless Wednesday. Or a raw Five Minute Friday about how I am about to have more children than I have hands.

Graham has been up 5 times tonight. I am up now, because my nausea and heartburn are unbearable. I am too tired to even do the math about how little sleep I have gotten this week. So, I am going to add 4 am posts about not having time to write posts to my Blogging Challenge non-Challenge repertoire.

PS: This is the face of a kid who keeps saying he isn’t sleepy. Convincing, isn’t he?

Graham and Croup

If you want to read some Blogging Challenge posts, my friend over at A+ Life is posting some great stuff. Let me know in the comments if you are participating in a September Blogging Challenge. I will be breastfeeding a newborn soon and will have lots of time for reading…

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