Fun Friday Finds

People often ask me how we make things work on one income. My answer: creativity and ninja-like frugality.

I have always loved shopping yard sales. Before I had kids, I would go every weekend. Then, I had kids and couldn’t even tell you when it was the weekend… And my yard sale attendance started plummeting.

This summer, I went out only 5 times. {Because a strong-willed toddler, a 22 lb baby with disabilities, and pregnancy make it a bit tough…} Each time, I found amazing deals. Things we actually needed. And that is the key with yard sales. I always find about 115 things I *want*…but must limit my purchases to those items we were already going to buy. Once in a blue moon, I will splurge on something. That is pretty rare, since there isn’t a whole lot of room in this house for splurges.

Today, I was able to shop a local consignment event and TWO yard sales. Thank you, Mom! There is no way both the kids would have lasted through all that if my mom hadn’t been there distracting Graham, carrying my goodies, and being my brain…because mine wasn’t working so well on only 20 hours of sleep this entire week.

I thought it would be fun to share some of my finds. Why? Because it has been a tough week. (Month. Season. Year.) And maybe you are like me…you need to be reminded that God provides what we need {and some of what we want} in cool ways.


Adelaide needed shoes. Due to her disability, she can wear only soft-soled shoes. The goal is to find shoes that fit a 6-month-old in length and a 2-year-old in thickness. So, it is basically Mission Impossible to find shoes for this child. And when you do find them, they are very expensive.

IMG_2488$15 for 6 pair

IMG_2493These little Janie and Jack shoes had never even been worn. I bought them for $5.

IMG_2492Baby Girl got these little Pedipeds for $2. Precious.

Graham also needed shoes. He just outgrew his size 10 1/2s…at the ripe age of 3 years and 11 months. When he was younger, it was easier to find his shoes for no more than $4 a pair {and usually for $1.50 or $2}. Now that his foot is rivaling Frodo’s, I am happy with about $6 a pair.

IMG_2486$27 for 5 pair

IMG_2487“I LOVE mine new shoes cuz mine’s feet are so big and all mine’s shoes are too hurty e’cept my Cwocs and yous won’t let me wear mine Cwocs to lots of places. Cuz you says Cwocs not weal shoes.”

These GAP high tops were Graham-approved. And at $8, I was pretty happy with them, too.

Oh, and for the record, he has not been wearing the shoes that are too small. He has been wearing flip flops. I just wanted to clear that up…

I needed a nursing sling. I was thrilled to find this $48 SevenSlings sized sling in my size for only $2.50.


So, technically, this purchase is not a need. But it was a fantastic deal on cloth diapers. Two BRAND NEW Fuzzibunz diapers, 8 high-quality pre-folds, and a Bummis *zippered* wet bag.

IMG_2476$26 for all

IMG_2497I even have the diaper covers that match this wet bag. Isn’t it pretty?

I needed more nursing wear: bras, tanks, shirts, & sleepwear.

IMG_2482Gilligan O’Malley for $1 each.

IMG_2484IMG_2496My very first nursing nightgown. $2. And apparently made from some sort of magical material that may win for softest fabric on earth…

Adelaide always needs bibs. Due to her hypotonia, she has low tone in her mouth…so she drools quite a bit. She also has issues with spit-up.

IMG_249525 cents each

IMG_2494I also bought this cute magnetic Bebe au Lait bib for 25 cents. Fancy.

Some other summer yard sale finds…

IMG_2410A new-with-tags Levi’s jacket for Graham’s birthday. $5…retailed for $48. Perfect for his upcoming Sheriff Birthday Party.

IMG_2404A FREE 22×26 frame! It just needs paint and ribbon to become the bow holder in the double nursery.

dressA little Carters dress for Adelaide. She didn’t need it, but it was only 5 cents. Yes, I said 5 cents.

pjsAdelaide did need 2t pajamas. So, these 5 cent Carters pajamas were just about perfect!

letter a“Dave, I really want a swirly lime green ‘A’ to go above Adelaide’s crib.”

And that very same day, I found one at a yard sale for 50 cents!

my flatsI found these Nine West flats for 75 cents.

We also shopped the ‘$5 A Bag’ sale at our local thrift store…

sa 13 centsBaby Girl’s 13 cent items {newborn to 18 months}

13 cent findsAdelaide’s 13 cent items {24 months to 5t}

13 cent schoolGraham’s 13 cent items for homeschool preschool

We also found fantastic deals for the girls’ cloth diaper stashes…but those photos will need their own post!

Do you love yard sales? Consignment? Thrift stores? I would love to hear it in the comments.

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