12 Years…

We stay-at-home mommies are in the strange place of remembering lives lost.
While rejoicing in potty-training accomplishments.
Reflecting on significance while doing nothing significant at all.
And making milk cups.
And cleaning bottles.
And having contractions.
And charging camera batteries.
And washing fruit.
And thinking about what we were doing one dozen years ago.
Before our children were even thought of by us…but God knew they would be here today.
We remember.
We just do it while we are switching the laundry.
And we shed our tears this morning while cuddling sick babies.
And we will shed them again tonight when everyone is tucked away in their beds.
Because our babies don’t understand crying.
Or news footage.
Or endless Facebook posts from friends and businesses and leaders.
They know snuggles and Ovaltine and Dr. Seuss.
And that is how the stay-at-home mommy honors those lost.
Business as usual.
Loving our children.


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One thought on “12 Years…

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