A Physical Therapy Update…and trying not to get a hernia

Since I just had my 3rd c-section in fewer than 4 years, I was placed on a 10 lb lifting/carrying limit for six weeks. Six weeks is an eternity when your 22-month-old can’t crawl, walk, or stand. I actually shed many tears after getting the news. My biggest fear: Adelaide will think I no longer love her, because I am not able to care for her. “Surprise! We brought home a new baby sister, and your mommy doesn’t do anything for you anymore.” I know it is just a lie from the Enemy. But truth gets a tad hazy when you are sleeping very few hours a night.

Dave was home for a week, but then needed to return to work. Fortunately for us, my mom volunteered to come over every weekday from the time Dave leaves until he gets home. She lifts Adelaide into her crib for nap time, puts her in her highchair for snacks and meals, gets her in/out of her car seat, continually snatches her from danger as she rolls all over the house, and even changes all her diapers. {I tried to change a diaper, and Adelaide kicked my incision so hard I thought I was going to vomit.} My mom is amazing. I owe her so much freezer chocolate it is ridiculous…

The special restrictions also mean that I cannot take Adelaide to therapy. I am happy that Dave gets to take our daughter to one of her favorite places. She calls it ‘playtime’…and she signs it often when she wants to go see Jennifer. Even though Dave got some not-so-great news about her crawling progress, we are so thankful for every small inchstone we have seen in the past year. As you know, we have been praying for weight-bearing. This moment was an answer to prayer. At our last session before Elizabeth Mae arrived, I witnessed Adelaide’s first time standing on the trampoline.

089 090 091

Isn’t it lovely?

Celebrating the great moments and working toward our goals for Adelaide. She really does get stronger everyday.


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