Sheriff Graham Turns 4

Today was Graham’s last day as a three-year-old, but the celebration of his FOURTH birthday!

Here are some of the photos. This exhausted Mama needs to get copies from the other cameras…

We are blessed with amazing family and friends! And an amazing son! We love you, Sheriff Graham!

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4 thoughts on “Sheriff Graham Turns 4

  1. Courtney says:

    ” I GOT LEOPARD LEGGINGS!” I’m dying. So funny.


  2. […] of gifts and thankfulness, Sheriff Graham finally finished his thank you […]


  3. […] quarantined. We were told not to delete or throw away anything, in case it is needed for a trial. Graham’s birthday card is missing an entire section. He used to ask why I ripped out Papa S******’s message. He no […]


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