A letter from a friend… {aka Mommy Encouragement}

Graham’s birthday was rough. He acted more like an outlaw than a sheriff. I was feeling pretty defeated, when a friend sent this to me…


“Happy Sunday, friend. A few observations I’d like to share: I’m sorry Graham had such a rough gift opening time and the big bash ended on a stressful note. I was thinking last night about the party and what an expression of love it was. I honestly don’t know how you pulled it off, even WITH help from others, with all you have going on. To go to such extra effort to create a day that was all about him was really, really big. I truly hope you don’t take his meltdown(s) personally, or allow them to overshadow the day. I know I have parenting moments that I look back on just mortified I wasn’t able to better control a tantrum… and somehow I convince myself that their out lash was my fault or should’ve been prevented if I was somehow better myself. Those are lies from the enemy and I really felt the need to speak truth today to you. You’re a great mom. With great love for all three of your babies. And you are in turn reflecting the love of Christ as you raise each of them in the way they should go, to the best of your ability, through the leading of the Holy Spirit. I love you Lyndse. And I truly admire your strength.”


After I finished bawling, I thanked God for such an amazing friendship…


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2 thoughts on “A letter from a friend… {aka Mommy Encouragement}

  1. Vicki says:

    What an amazing friend and how wonderful that she listened to the Holy Spirit to encourage you with the truth!!!


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