Bess Meets Family & Adele Learns New Words {mommy bliss…}

Yesterday, Elizabeth Mae met her Uncle Micah and Aunt Kelsi…via Skype. {They are serving as missionaries in Cambodia. You should follow their blog. It is all kinds of wonderful.}




Bess has been smiling for a few days now. We know it isn’t her ‘official social smile’ but it is gorgeous.


Adelaide also said, “Bye. Bye. Bye. Bye.” to them when our Skype date was nearing an end. I was ecstatic.


PS: Since we are on the topic of speech, here is a Facebook status from October 6th…

“Ank Ooo!”

Adelaide said FOUR new words this weekend! {yogurt, Daisy (Papa & Gma’s dog), down, & thank you}

PPS: A Facebook status from October 4th…

“Anks!” Adelaide thanked Mema for a toy!

PPPS: A Facebook status from October 3rd…

“UN-ry!” Adelaide told her Mema that she was hungry!

PPPPS: A Facebook status from September 28th…

“TUR-ULL! TUR-ULL!” Adelaide held up that turtle bath toy with pride.

{Editor’s Note: Dave informed me later that night that Adelaide also said, “Line!” for lion. She loves those bath toys!}

PPPPPS: Another Facebook status from September 28th…about September 27th…about my amazing daughters…

Friday evening, I was holding Elizabeth Mae. Then Dave placed Adelaide right next to us on the couch. I was already soaking up the loveliness of holding both my girls when Adelaide touched Bess and said, “Bay-eeee! Bay-eeee!” Adelaide said BABY! So blessed.

PPPPPPS: A Facebook status from September 26th…

Me: “Adelaide, do you want more to eat or do you want milk?”
Adelaide: “E! E! E!” {while signing ‘eat please’}

PPPPPPPS: A Facebook status update from September 12th…

We are praising God for a speech milestone! Adelaide just said ‘IT IT’ while signing ‘eat’… {heart}

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