Blogtober & The Missing Keys

Today is the 13th day of the Blogtober Challenge. I am posting something on the blog for 31 straight days. Since I have never made it past the first couple days of a blogging challenge, I am determined to make it through this entire month. {Plus, it’s not even a real challenge. There aren’t any rules or prompts or anything! So I really can’t mess this up.}

Since I am 20 hours into a migraine and my newborn just fell asleep after screaming for 5+ hours, I am going to make this quick. I am typing for as long as it takes me to chug some chocolate milk and eat a banana.

Tonight, I needed something from the van. I ran clumsily walked out to the van and it was locked. {As it should have been.} So, I walked all the way back into the house to grab the keys from the hook. They weren’t there. Dave rarely uses the key hook. I tried to wake him up to ascertain the location of the missing keys…

“Dave, I can’t find the keys. They aren’t on the hook.”

“Um. Are they on the hook?”

“No, I just said they weren’t on the hook.”

“Are you looking for the keys?”

“Yes. Where did you put them?”

“I didn’t put them on the hook.”

“Dave, where did you put the keys?”

“Where is Adelaide? Brahmjulinghsrty…”

Dave talks in his sleep. The scary part: he can carry on a semblance of a conversation for several minutes before he starts using complete gibberish.

I finally found the keys. With absolutely no help from my sleeping husband. While Elizabeth screamed. And I felt like someone was jabbing a serrated blade between my eyeballs.

All of this is to say that I couldn’t exactly remember when I had instituted a designated key spot. Then, I remembered that I had actually written a blog post about the key hook! I also remembered that I had quit that blogging challenge after a few days. Which reminded me that I needed to write something for this challenge.

And my chocolate milk is gone! Night, folks!

And here’s to hoping everyone can find their keys in the morning. Dave will be able to find ours, because I placed them on the key hook…

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