That Big Baby

Since Adelaide has a bit of a chest cold...I prefer that term over the more technical ‘bronchitis’she is aspirating several times an hour. We tried putting her in Elizabeth’s cradle, so we could keep her closer, but she was not thrilled with the idea. She is now back in her bed. And I will not get any sleep tonight as I check on her every 10 minutes. I would sleep on her floor, but Bess also needs me. Many times, it is like having two girls under the age of one. {I am 99.9% sure it is politically incorrect to use the term ‘Irish Twins’ in 2013.}

Adelaide is still in the newborn class at church, and she has missed a few promotions. It was difficult for me at first. I cried. A lot. But now I am happy that she is safe and cared for by people who love her. I don’t mind as much that all the other children are newborns and small babies. But Adelaide looks like Buddy the Elf. My child, Will Farrell’s mini-me, may actually end up steamrolling one of those smaller elf-like children.


“I am normally in the nursery with that big baby who only rolls and can’t do anything, but she didn’t show up today. So they sent me to help you.”

Obviously, the nursery worker {who was subbing in my crawlers’ class} didn’t realize I was Adelaide’s mom. Or that ‘big baby’ was home sick with her Daddy…who also happened to be the worker she was replacing. She didn’t mean anything by it. After she saw my name tag, and I watched her mouth my last name, she washed her hands and left. She didn’t even say goodbye…she dropped that proverbial mic. I don’t blame her. I wanted to tell her it was okay. That I didn’t think anything of it. That I knew she was just trying to explain why she was suddenly available. But I didn’t say anything. I was pregnant with Bess and had been up all night caring for our sick kids. I was exhausted. My mind was blank and I couldn’t even get my mouth to work.

I laughed about it with Dave as soon as I was home. All these months later, we will still call Adelaide ‘That Big Baby’ and giggle.

But even big babies don’t want to feel so big. And Adelaide wanted her real bed. She still sleeps in a crib set on the highest setting. And she loves it.


Time for me to go check on her…

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