A Post About Matching Clothes {way more fun than one about matching principle…}

Today, we shopped a $1.99 summer clearance sale. And I basically bought everything in the girls’ {predicted} summer 2014 sizes. (Let’s be honest, I also bought some stuff for summer 2015.) Here is just a little glimpse into the wonderfulness {yes, it is a word} that is shopping for sisters…


Just a handful of our Carters goodies… $8 {love}


Adelaide and Elizabeth’s very first matching outfits. Just one set of many… {love, again}


Just one set of the many coordinating outfits for Miss Adele and Lil Bess… {love, again and again}

About 90% of the pieces are also mix n match, so I basically love that more than freezer chocolate…

We saved an average of 84% off the retail prices. {I had to throw some math in there, since I made an accounting jab in the title…sorry, accountants.} And the girls have a complete vacation wardrobe. Oh yeah, that’s the best part! We are thinking about going on vacation next year! We haven’t taken one since Graham was a baby. We went on an adventure to Colorado in August of 2010. This time, we may travel east.

Even if we end up spending the entire summer in Missouri, these girls are going to look adorable! And it was nice to buy them new things. Our children rarely wear new clothes. It’s just one way we make this ‘one income and raising a toddler with special needs/undiagnosable disabilities’ thing work.

And I am officially *that* mom. The one who matches and coordinates her girls. And I love it!

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2 thoughts on “A Post About Matching Clothes {way more fun than one about matching principle…}

  1. Meta says:

    SO super duper cute!!! we loaded up on carter’s clearance too… but how did you get SUCh good $1.99 prices?! crazy. :)


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