Five Minute Friday {laundry}

Eight loads of clean laundry, just waiting to be folded and put away.


First time since March that all laundry isn’t washed, dried, folded, and put away. Twice a week. Tuesdays and Fridays. It was a good run while it lasted. {Much like that time when I said I was going to shave my legs every other day. Then, I woke up this week and realized I hadn’t shaved since before I went into the hospital to deliver a baby. One month ago.}

I am so bad about expectations and resolutions and goals and purpose and maintenance.

I am remembering what my mom said to me before Elizabeth came into this world. “You will need to give up on certain things for awhile. It is better to be a healthy mom than have all the laundry done. It is better to be a happy mom than have a clean kitchen.” She went on to tell me that the transition from two to three is tough. And I would wake up some days just bawling from being completely overwhelmed. I still haven’t fully experienced that, since another adult is with me at all times. I cannot lift or carry Adelaide. At all. So, I am never left alone with her. I have yet to care for the three kids all by myself. The first day that happens, I know I will bawl. And we will still be digging clothes out of that pile. That pile keeps growing, but I keep choosing ‘eat something’ or ‘shower at least twice a week’ over ‘fold the laundry’…a mom’s mental checklist is never completed.

Graham keeps asking me why our house is such a mess. I am trying. I (somewhat) clean up the toys that are left behind after Graham cleans, I sort and wash and dry the laundry, I wipe down the bathroom fixtures with a baby wipe, and I hide all the clutter that keeps amassing from lack of attention in a blue container in our hallway.

And for now, that is good enough. And clean enough. And there will be plenty of time to clean when Bess sleeps more than 2 hours at a time. And well after I have my there-are-more-kids-than-I-have-hands breakdown…

Time’s Up…

Five Minute Friday

Linking up with Lisa-Jo Baker for Five Minute Friday. Unscripted. Unedited. Real.

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3 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday {laundry}

  1. Gay Idle says:

    It is so very easy to be hard on ourselves as mom’s. Family time, baby snuggle time, come first. The housework will always be there! Your baby will be walking and out the door before you know it!
    Stopping by from FiveMinuteFriday! Great post!
    Gay Idle/CaptiveHeart


    • Lyndse says:

      Thanks for stopping by! I completely agree…but my 4-year-old doesn’t. ; ) He will learn that clean laundry, even unfolded, is better than dirty laundry! Have a blessed week.


  2. […] have taken advantage of not really having any work to do by enjoying their DVR. While my clean laundry piled up, I caught up on my Parks and Rec. {You already know how much I love it.} I also caught an episode […]


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