Little People {not the toys…}

Since I still haven’t been cleared to lift or carry Adelaide, we have been at my parents’ house all week. It was a nice change of pace while Dave was at work. Different toys. Different snacks. The real reason: my mom has been at our house for almost a month and had some projects she needed to finish up. She basically put everything on hold to take care of us.

I have taken advantage of not really having any work to do by enjoying their DVR. While my clean laundry piled up, I caught up on my Parks and Rec. {You already know how much I love it.} I also caught an episode of Little Couple. And they were getting ready to adopt their second child. Swoon.

“Hey, you are little people! Mama, that’s a little boy and his little dad.”

Graham was quite excited to see a boy and his dad, both with dwarfism, at our pediatric ophthalmologist on Wednesday. It didn’t surprise me that he used the word ‘little’…since we had just seen the show. We had also talked a bit about dwarfism. I *was* surprised that they didn’t even acknowledge Graham. Normally, when Graham states the obvious, the person waves or affirms his statement. They just kept walking. And pretended that Graham didn’t even exist. I am sure they hear things all the time. But I always answer people when they ask about Adelaide. I think Graham was confused that he didn’t get even a smile or a wave.

He was also confused that the office had zero toys. Every other time, there have been blocks and cars and figurines and shape sorters. Yesterday, there was nothing. There was one old copy of a Highlights Magazine. I am sure the lack of toys has something to do with germs. But Graham was upset. I should have known better than to answer, “Yes, there will be toys there.” to his constant questioning. Now, I know better. A pediatric specialist can get rid of their toys at any time. With no warning to 4-year-olds who don’t deal with change or disappointment. Graham isn’t really that kid who bounces back. But Mema had packed some things for the car ride, which ended up saving us from a Code Red.


Thank you, robot paper and the novelty of using an ink pen. You save the day once again!

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