A Three Birthday Saturday

My goal was to eat four desserts today. Why? Because we were celebrating three different birthdays at two different parties. {You know how we usually fare at parties…} I think any person still recovering from surgery, nursing more than a dozen times a day, and semi-functioning on fewer than a dozen hours of sleep for the entire week is entitled to this many desserts. Maybe even more. The math makes sense to me…

In addition to the sweets {cupcakes, cake, homemade ice cream, chocolate pudding, candy-coated pretzels, chocolate goody bags…}, there were several highlights and milestones. It was Elizabeth Mae’s first time celebrating a friend’s birthday. It was also her first cousin party. She met her Aunt Kita in person. She met her Aunt Stephenie on Skype. Adelaide ‘army’ crawled for her Uncle Josh and Aunt Kita, who happen to be United States Army Veterans. Graham didn’t get spanked at either party. Yes, you read that correctly. He had some moments, but no spankings or time-outs.

It was a superb day!

Here is a smattering of what we loved about today…

Our three-year-old friend celebrated with a Monster Truck Party. 

Our niece, Jasmine Marie, celebrated with an Umizoomi party.

Della, Lyndse’s mom, celebrated by seeing all six of her kids and all nine of her grandkids in person or on Skype. And a watermelon from the garden joined us.

It was a busy, but blessed, Saturday. Happy Birthday to Mr. Jude, Miss Jasmine, and Della {Lyndse’s Mama!}. We love all of you so much!


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