Growing Pains {aka Bess Needs Bigger Pajamas}

Bess was looking a tad uncomfortable in her newborn pajamas. Her arms were a bit too long. Her feet were a bit too long. Her body was a bit too long. She is still thin enough to wear newborn, but her length is starting to become an issue.

Yesterday was her last day for newborn pajamas.


Elizabeth Mae’s Last Newborn Sleeper

(Elizabeth is relaxing in Mema’s Fisher-Price Soothing Motion Glider. Mema found it at a yard sale last week for $5. Yes, I know. She is a yard sale guru…)

And here she is today, wearing her first pair of 0-3 month pajamas. They are swallowing her up, but the length is so much better.


Elizabeth Mae’s First 0-3 Month Sleeper

It is a bittersweet moment when your last baby outgrows her newborn sleepers. I ate a piece of freezer chocolate and rejoiced that our Lil Bess is growing and healthy.

I remember this moment in time with Graham…

Graham's Last Newborn Sleeper

Graham’s Last Newborn Sleeper

first sleeper

Graham’s First 0-3 Month Sleeper

And with Adelaide…

newborn sleeper

Adelaide’s Last Newborn Sleeper

Adelaide 0-3

Adelaide’s First 0-3 Month Sleeper

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One thought on “Growing Pains {aka Bess Needs Bigger Pajamas}

  1. […] She is also looking darling in 0-3 month sleepers. They are a bit big, but a much better fit than the newborn. […]


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