The Last Day of October

Today is the last day of October. Today was also my first day taking care of the kids all by myself. {I cannot even express the excitement of being able to lift Adelaide again.} We had a blessed day.

I took a quick shower while the girls were still sleeping and Graham was sitting on the toilet. Possibly the fastest shower of my life. I was dried off before Graham needed help wiping. You can write me a thank you note for that mental image…

During breakfast, I switched the laundry and packed all the bags for Elizabeth’s first “Visit Daddy at Work” outing.

I nursed Bess while Graham and Adelaide were snacking. I changed diapers while they watched cartoons. I will be the first to admit that my three-shows-a-day rule completely went out the window. We were in survival mode, folks. I needed singing morality and math lessons to distract little ones from the fact that I was taking three times longer to do everything. (Except shower. But we already talked about that fun fact.)

I wanted to photograph my first day as the sole caregiver. Turns out the sole caregiver didn’t have time to do that. So here are some random snippets.


Elizabeth *finally* fit into her newborn cloth. She loved her fitted kissaluvs and imse vimse organic cover.


She is also looking darling in 0-3 month sleepers. They are a bit big, but a much better fit than the newborn.


She also fit into her newborn Swaddlebees. And she tried to roll over. She has been rolling to her side since she was three days old.

127 121

Adelaide fell asleep during snacktime.


Which gave her renewed energy for a dance party.


Graham chose “The Fox.” Because it is awesome and he loves it. I think I love it more than he does. My maiden name is Bergen. {Go Norway!}

What do you say?

You’re my guardian angel

Hiding in the woods

What is your sound?

Will we ever know?

I want to…I want to…I want to know!

134 133

By the way, Graham’s shirt is from Tootlepip. All three of the kids have them.

If our house catches on fire from someone leaving a bag of flaming poop on our porch {since we don’t hand out candy to trick-or-teaters}, well, I will save these shirts.

You can order them here, through the Tootlepip Etsy shop.

And more dancing. Graham watched it 12 consecutive times. At least we were moving…


142 144

I was able to sneak away during the 8th playing to wrap my niece’s birthday present. My sissy-in-law, who owns CakeCups Bakery, planned a Pinkalicious Birthday. So adorable.


Then, Graham read his Bible. He said that “The Fox” music makes him want to read about Jesus. I don’t know what that means, but I love this kid so much.


I got ready in six minutes and then packed up three kids under five {plus all their gear} all by myself. In the pouring rain. Today, I was mothering like a boss.

And don’t you just love this infinity scarf? It is my first. It is from Sparkly Jewels Boutique in Colorado.


We had so much fun visiting Dave at work!

We went over to my parents’ house and I snuggled with an adorable baby.


And we packed some Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes.


And we posed like supermodels.


We headed home and ate some Edy’s Slow-Churned Pumpkin Patch ice cream. Then Graham and Dave started reading their Bibles.

“Can I get to Heaven on a plane?”
“I don’t think Jesus knows Dora. Does Jesus know Dora?”
“If Jesus comes here, will he watch Dora with me?”
“Can I go to Jesus’ home and play with all his toys?”
“Is Jesus in the wide world?”
“Does Jesus live in a castle cuz he’s a king? Is there a princess there?”

Graham had a lot of questions for Daddy.


What a wonderful way to end October. Such a fantastic day!



And with this post, Blogtober is over. I completed the 31 Day Challenge by posting something {just anything} every single day. I may need to keep it up. This is the cheapest form of ‘mommy therapy’…

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One thought on “The Last Day of October

  1. […] Yesterday, I walked in with all three kids. And I was nervous. I had just ‘popped’ out a new one 5 weeks before. And I still look 5 months pregnant. Surrounded by professional women with perfect hair and gorgeous make-up and clothes that actually fit them. I was wearing day-old maternity jeans. I realized right as we were walking out the door that my nursing bra was showing, so I grabbed my new infinity scarf and threw it on. After I had walked around showing off Elizabeth and talking to all of my husband’s co-workers, I discovered that it was still donning its tag. I had also forgotten to put on socks. […]


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