Our Lil Nursery Birds…

{gifts that start with the letter N}

In addition to our *new* Thanksgiving decorations, we had a very special Sunday gift



First Time in the Church Nursery

Elizabeth Mae went to *nursery* for the very first time! {See the name tag? It’s proof that she went…even though I forgot to get a photo of her in class before Shawnda put her in the carseat.}

Bess and Adelaide share a class, and have the most amazing teachers! The teachers rotate most weeks, but yesterday’s blessings were Sheri, Lori, Charlotte, Shawnda, and Angela.

Our newborn nursery staff have always taken such great care of Adelaide {she has been with them for almost 2 years}, so I knew everything would be fine when I dropped off Bess. Toward the end of LifeGroup, I was paged to nurse. {Another gift that starts with N! I met a really sweet Mama in the nursing room…} Then, I handed over a full baby and headed off to service.

Adelaide spent her morning army-crawling, sitting with support, reading books, playing with toys, listening to music, and practicing her sign language. Yes, the teachers are learning signs and practicing them with Adelaide! Elizabeth spent her morning being cuddled. It’s probably her second favorite thing. (Breastfeeding is definitely at the top of her list right now.)

We returned to two sleeping girls with clean diapers. And a peace that our little ones are loved.


I had to get an unholy number some photos of my gorgeous girls.





Oh, and Elizabeth’s outfit was a gift from our LifeGroup leaders. Probably the cutest thing Target has ever sold. I heart it so much right now.


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