Repurposed: Felt, Paper, & Pins



Three Gifts that start with N…

{*new* Thanksgiving decorations}




Felt from Graham’s cape. First attempt. {The one he didn’t wear for his 3rd Birthday invitation. Because I measured once and cut twice…and still couldn’t save it. The cape pictured here is happily hanging in his Big Boy Room.}

letter wall

Cricuted letters from last year’s Advent Word Wall. {Which we never completed, but we have enjoyed this alphabet board all year. Side note: Dave sure knows how to make scrap wood look beautiful…}






I cut the felt into triangles and attached everything with safety pins. Three *new* Thanksgiving Decorations.

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2 thoughts on “Repurposed: Felt, Paper, & Pins

  1. […] addition to our *new* Thanksgiving decorations, we had a very special Sunday gift […]


  2. […] also switched out a few of the family photos, added some maple leaf napkin rings, hung up the felt and safety pin garland I made last year, and then grabbed a frame/scrapbook paper/ribbon to make a little window […]


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