Get out the VOTE! {Blake}

This isn’t about DC. Though I do hold very strong opinions and convictions where politics are concerned.

No, this is about voting for those adorable baby contests.

I love babies. They don’t need to be mine. I don’t even need to know them. I don’t even need to know anything about them. I just love them. And I love to look at their adorable little faces. Big eyes…which Graham calls ‘crazy eyes’…and sweet smiles. Ears too big for their heads. And sweet hair {or lack thereof}.

Aunt Lyndse is pretty biased, but this little guy melts my heart! I will be voting for Blake in the Gerber Photo Search. {His number is 234804.}


You are welcome to join me! Just click on this link and enter 234804 into the search option! I will be voting everyday until December 1st.

Just for fun, here are some photos from our summertime visit. It was a great Father’s Day weekend with family!

These were taken just a few weeks after Adelaide’s eye surgery. She was having a wonderful time actually *seeing* her cousin! Speaking of eyes, I think Blake’s are gorgeous…

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