Mothering Time {the post where I am totally honest and totally not fishing for compliments}

We had a horrible night with the kids. I don’t even remember most of it. Graham fell asleep in the car after voting. I couldn’t wake him, so he was in bed too early. If you don’t have kids, you are thinking, “Score! Early bedtime!” If you are a mom, you are thinking, “Uh-oh Spaghetti-Os.”

We moms know the two options: they {miraculously} sleep through the night OR they wake up before the person who makes the donuts and you are suddenly thinking, “I need a dozen donuts right now. Because this kid is a disaster.”

Graham was yelling and crying and talking and laughing. He woke Bess. {Everyone knows waking a sleeping newborn in the middle of the night means an angel loses her wings. It’s in the deleted scenes…I promise.} So Bess was all discombobulated and escaped/coped by nursing a few times. Adelaide woke several times, but I didn’t even go check on her. She ended up falling back to sleep on her own. How? I am not sure. I finally got Graham back to sleep after almost two hours. I am not even sure when Dave got Bess to sleep. I was completely overwhelmed. And Dave absolutely hates when I make assumptions, but I am thinking he was counting down the minutes until he could leave and go to work.

Today, I have had at least one child screaming and crying at all times. I am not exaggerating. Adelaide is crying right now. While she is eating her lunch. And there have been several times when all three were wailing simultaneously. It’s moments like these when you start to feel like a total failure. When the comments people have made about you not being able to handle three kids feel like the truth. When you want to give up on your ‘no freezer chocolate’ experiment {even though you are down 5.5 pounds in 10 days…}. When you think you just can’t hold it together. When you want to give up on all your plans for the day and cry. Starting off with an ugly cry. Transitioning into a soft sob. And then ending with a tear-less whimper.

But, I am reminded that we are learning. We are learning to be a family of five. And, most importantly, I am learning to be a mom to three kids.

And this may not be inspirational and heart-warming, but it is how I feel today. This silly graphic. I have it pinned for those days when I need a funny reminder of a serious truth.

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