It is Monday. {how to choose thankfulness when your child eats poop…}

I think the title basically sums it up, people.

Adelaide somehow managed to get poop out of her diaper. Through a onesie and pants. Is she David Blaine?

In all fairness, she didn’t {technically} eat it. She only put it in her mouth, chewed it up, and then spat it out like a dog all over the floor. So much better, right?

I shrieked. Cried. Brushed her teeth. Changed her diaper. Brushed her teeth again. Cried some more. Evaded Graham’s questions. Brushed her teeth again. And again.

Then she fell asleep.


This is what I get for breastfeeding her sister.

How am I choosing thankfulness in what seems to be a silver-lining-less situation? I am not sure, but I am going to make something up, by golly!

She could have swallowed the poop. And I could have vomited. There. I did it…

This ‘keeping the blog about thankfulness in November business is hard work today! It will be much easier to share all my Joy Dare photos from our recent mini-getaway. Which is where Adelaide first tried to get poop into her mouth and I realized we needed onesies. But, let’s not focus on that right now.

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3 thoughts on “It is Monday. {how to choose thankfulness when your child eats poop…}

  1. Hmmm…ummm…at least it was her own poop? Yikes. Mondays, man!


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  3. […] We aren’t sure exactly why she does it, but she tries to eat her own poop. Every single day. Without fail. It’s one of the worst things about her neurodisability. We […]


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