It was a ‘good’ day. {Operation Christmas Child and a Speech Milestone}

If you have known me for more than 15 minutes, you know that I love Operation Christmas Child. I have for 18 years. It is a family tradition for both the family that raised me and the family I am raising.

This past week, Dave and I {along with our three little blessings} volunteered at our area’s local Collection Center. We greeted people dropping off their boxes, checked boxes for labels, placed boxes in cartons, loaded cartons onto trucks, and had a wonderful time. What a blessed National Collection Week!

Super Start

Steady Saturday

Shoebox Spangle

Sunday Smiles

Shoebox Send-off! {Happy 50th Birthday, Mama!}



National Collection Week 2013 will always have special meaning for me. It was Elizabeth’s first year celebrating with Operation Christmas Child. Adelaide surprised us by saying, “Good!”…all three sounds.

Such beautiful memories and milestones!

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2 thoughts on “It was a ‘good’ day. {Operation Christmas Child and a Speech Milestone}

  1. […] time, but Adelaide seems to save a milestone to make drop-off time even more memorable! Last year, she said ‘good’ for the first time. All three […]


  2. […] can eat something inedible. She packed her boxes, took a bottle, and went down for a nap. We know she enjoys packing the boxes, because she often laughs, claps her hands, and grabs our faces to make eye […]


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