SHE STOOD! {and a two-year-old photo}

Adelaide decided to surprise us on her birthday by standing while holding onto just her therapist’s fingers! Her little feet were firmly planted and her little knees were locked and her little tush swayed in a figure eight. SHE STOOD! And she has done it several times since then. Her pelvic girdle is still so weak, but her legs were strong enough to stand for almost 30 seconds. This is a gigantic milestone for us and we are praising God for it!

And just for fun, here is her official two-year-old photo from Myra Wike Photography in Northwest Arkansas…

Adelaide 2yo

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2 thoughts on “SHE STOOD! {and a two-year-old photo}

  1. Meta says:

    Yay Addy!!! And yay mommy!!! Rejoicing with u!!


  2. […] bottom and legs basically follow as her upper body does the work. Her legs have always been weaker. There were concerns for several months concerning her leg strength. At one point in our journey, a muscle biopsy and body scans were on the table. We had a deadline […]


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