A lil November Update

Just a little update on my November Goals


My goal: Sleep at least 4 hours a night.

My reality: No sleep most of the month. Bess was a trainwreck from a dairy intolerance. Good news: On my second day of dairy-free, she slept 6 hours. And she has been sleeping 6 hours for several nights now. Oh, I feel like a new woman. Sleep is so important.

My goal: Eat when the kids eat.

My reality: I kicked butt at eating. Unfortunately, I was eating the wrong things. That has been resolved.

My goal: Go the entire month without freezer chocolate.

My reality: I did it for 25 total days. Yes, I ate chocolate about five different times. And it was amazing. Can’t eat it now. And I miss it.

My goal: Get in 15,000 steps a day.

My reality: I got in 10,000 to 12,000 steps a day. Not bad, considering I had a screaming newborn the entire month.

Mental and Spiritual

My goal: Read at least one book a month.

My reality: I read several books. I hope to write some reviews soon. They were fantastic! I just finished up two more books today and have a few I will be finishing before Christmas. I have been ‘stealing’ time to read.

My goal: Share this month’s 90 gifts on the blog.

My reality: I shared many of my Joy Dare gifts, but kept some of them private. I am making something very special for next year’s gifts. I can’t wait to share it in another post!


My goal: List 50 items in the eBay store or in an album on the Little House in the City Facebook Page.

My reality: Sold, but not online. I sold things the old-fashioned way. In person. We still have about 8 containers of stuff to sell…

My goal: Keep the house clean enough.

My reality: Eh…… It depends on who you ask. My mom thought the house looked pretty great. I think it could have looked better. We survived the month and had visitors. I think that means it was clean enough. Because I opened the front door to people.

My goal: A minimum of one ‘formal’ homeschooling lesson a week.

My reality: Not even close. We haven’t even started preschool. After publishing that, I decided to wait until after the new year. Plus, he will be in preschool next year, too. Originally, we were going to start him in kindergarten early, but we have decided against that. It’s a post for the future.


My goal: I didn’t list one.

My reality: Lots of great family nights, at-home date nights, and visits from family and friends. Like I said, our house was clean enough.

There you have it! November was a difficult month, but I am happy to look back and see that some things were accomplished. I am currently in the middle of a 21-Day Challenge involving all the paper in our household. I am hoping to share on that soon. For now, I am going to maintain that first goal and continue sleeping. The costs of being dairy-free are far outweighed by the benefits. Night, y’all!


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