Paper, Paper Everywhere! {and I think I need a drink…}

Of almond milk, of course. {Dairy-free, breastfeeding, and not into alcohol…}

As a former special education teacher, I am actually very good at organizing paper. Unfortunately, those skills have not transferred to all the paper that comes in regarding Miss Adelaide. Plus, there is paperwork regarding our three sponsored children through WorldVision and Compassion. And the letters from our Operation Christmas Child shoebox kiddos. And all the paper needed to run a household. And paperwork coming in for taxes. And random memorabilia. And some other stuff that doesn’t even fit into a category. Our filing cabinet is organized, but the files are pretty full. Most stuff that has come into this house in the past 5 months has gone into a *full* 3 inch binder, a basket, and is starting to fill up an ugly blue 18 gallon Sterilite container. It has been sitting in the hallway. Quite the design statement...


I decided that I was tired of it.

So, over the weekend, I read Holley Gerth’s The “Do What You Can” Plan, Crystal Paine’s 21Days to a More Disciplined Life, and Lisa Woodruff’s 10 Steps to Organized Paper.

Now that I am motivated and have a plan, I am ready to get some work done! I want that blue container GONE!

Goal: By January 6th, 2014, every piece of paper in the house will be in the correct place {ie: recycling bin, shredder, filing cabinet, fireproof safe, binder, basket for ‘working’ paper, or scanned into the computer} and memorabilia will be gathered for the next project.

Day 1: File all tax returns in order of year.

Day 2: Gather all tax papers for 2013 and place in the file.

Day 3: Gather items for the fireproof safe, find a safe, and budget to purchase one.

Days 4 & 5: Update Adelaide’s medical binder and file all our medical paperwork.

Day 6: Purge paperwork from college and previous careers, unless it is needed for homeschooling or Dave’s portfolio.

Day 7: File necessary manuals and recycle the rest.

Days 8 & 9: Gather all remaining paper from the house.

Day 10: Place all memorabilia in a basket for next challenge.

Day 11: Update Bible Study notebook.

Days 12 & 13: Make my ‘soft to-do list’ for weekly paperwork.

Days 14 & 15: Make my daily organizational system.

Days 16 & 17: Make my active file organizational system.

Day 18: Put recipes into binder.

Days 19 & 20: Scan any necessary paperwork into One Note.

Day 21: Tie up and loose ends & CELEBRATE WITH ALL THE OREOS!*


This sounds like a January project, but I really don’t want to wait any longer to work on it. How is paper at your house? Do your systems work?

*Oreos have now replaced freezer chocolate…


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One thought on “Paper, Paper Everywhere! {and I think I need a drink…}

  1. […] bear on a sled ornament will distract you from the laundry and dishes and toys and pajamas and lack of organization abounding in our January home. This year has started off rough and we are living in a grace place. […]


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