Three Gifts Manger Small

Three Gifts Manger Small.

Adelaide just took her first assisted step. A small step. With the leg of her weaker side. And I recorded it. Just barely…it is right at the beginning. We weren’t expecting it at all. Oh the joy I am feeling right now is unmatched.

The first step. The first of many. What hope!

And she used *both* of her petite legs to attempt crawling.


And do you see those little toys in the bucket? She took them out of the bucket and put one back into the bucket. All by herself.

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One thought on “Three Gifts Manger Small

  1. […] it has so much meaning to me. Last year, Jennifer was holding Adelaide up at therapy, and she moved her foot forward for the very first time. It was her very first attempt at a step. It was unexpected and beautiful. What a full circle […]


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