Poopy Heads

“Bess, you are such a beautiful poopy head.”

8 am and we are already name-calling?

“Graham, please apologize to your sister.”

It’s Monday.

“Mama, I won’t say I’m sorry for calling her a beautiful flower. When you blow on poopy head flowers, they are so pretty.”


“Okay, are you thinking of dandelions?”

Who knows what he is thinking.

“Mama, you know nuff-ing about Chinese. Dey call make-a-wish flowers POOPY HEADS!”

Púgōngyīng? No, that doesn’t sound like poopy head.

“Graham, when did you hear someone speaking Chinese?”

I am guessing tv.

“Mama, Kai-lan says a Chinese word and calls dem poopy heads!”

Ni Hao, Kai-lan. Of course she is the culprit.

“Graham, Kai-lan calls them poofy heads.With an f. But they are dandelions.”

Thanks, Nick Jr. You are so educational. 

“Oh, Bess, you are such a beautiful poofy head. I made a wish and you were here!”

Okay, that was sweet.

“I’m gonna rip off your poofy head and frow it in da trash can.”

And we’re back to Monday.

ni hao kai lan


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